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Contact | Apr 15 RESEARCH FUND

Up to £10k available in new CIOB research fund >

The CIOB has created a new fund to support research

projects in the built environment.

The Bowen Jenkins Legacy (BJL) Research Fund, is named after Bowen Jenkins FCIOB, a lifelong supporter of the Institute who, following his death, left a considerable legacy to the CIOB – the largest ever received by the Institute. Applications for the BJL Research

Fund are now open and will close on 26 June.

The CIOB sees a commitment to

continuous research and development as an essential requirement of the built environment professional. Research enables an opportunity to assess accepted practice and enables a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

The aims of the fund are:

•To sponsor research relating to the quality of the built environment and the efficiency of the whole delivery process

•To promote research for the advancement of best practice

•To support further knowledge development on construction


• To support individuals in their career development




Applications are being invited for this year’s Tony Gage Scholarship. This £6,000 CIOB fund is awarded to the candidate(s) selected as the best future leader in construction. The award is for any MCIOB

employed by a UK contractor and planning further study at postgraduate level. The candidate will receive a bursary of up to £6,000 towards the cost of their postgraduate course. The money can be

used for tuition fees, travel or equipment costs to support studies or research towards their postgraduate degree. Candidates have to meet set criteria, including being able to demonstrate understanding of

construction methods and an appreciation of the roles of other professionals in design, finance and construction. To apply members must submit

their CV and a brief report. The candidate is then invited to give a presentation to a panel of CIOB representatives. Applications must be made to

The CIOB has launched a new research fund to foster advancements in built environment practice

The amount awarded for each project is £2,000-£10,000 (or equivalent in local currency for international applicants) for a duration of one-two years. Research subjects must be related to one of five research priorities:

• Sustainability – especially in terms of the challenges posed to construction

organisations and clients as they seekto adjust their operation routines to meet sustainability targets.

•Corporate social responsibility. Firms have a responsibility beyond the narrow

confines of the ‘business case’.

• Zero carbon, specifically in terms of its contested meanings

and skills and capabilites which are

The application details can be found at bowen-jenkins-legacy-research-fund

necessary to meet the current targets. A particular focus is provided by the performance gap, defined in terms of the difference between design intent and the performance of the built facility.

• Digital technologies. This includes BIM but extends to other technologies.

• Employment practices. Research in this area has slipped off the national

research agenda in recent years and yet remains crucial to any quest for a more integrated industry.



Congratulations to the following Members who were elected to Fellowship on the 3rd March 2015

NEW FELLOWS Mehmet Bekir FCIOB Susan Brown FCIOB Roger Crowley FCIOB Neil Dearmer FCIOB Di Dianzhong FCIOB Michael Gawadzyn FCIOB Kevin Hayes FCIOB Damian Jowett FCIOB Sean Larkin FCIOB Norman Leite FCIOB Ian Maund FCIOB Patrick McDonald FCIOB Stephen McGlade FCIOB John McIlwaine FCIOB Steve Moores FCIOB Roger Nutland FCIOB Michael Palmer FCIOB Peter Rowe FCIOB George Scott FCIOB David Smith FCIOB Stephen Tippins FCIOB Martyn Tuttey FCIOB Alan Wilson FCIOB


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