Laboratory Informatics Guide 2020

Improving reproducibility in science

SciNote CEO Dr Klemen Zupancic discusses the challenge of improving reproducibility in science using ELN technology

SciNote recently updated its brand and software, what was the reasoning behind this? When we started in 2016, when we launched the product, it was a small percentage of people, 7 to 8 per cent of our target audience was using ELNs. Tose people were really excited about new things, they wanted to spearhead and experiment and be a little bit more radical with their approach to science. I am not talking about big pharma because

they have been on ELN for some time, but I am talking about academia and small to mid- size companies that have been doing research traditionally. It was very nice for those people to see that

In the beginning, we were focused on feature development but now we are focused on usability, security, the safety of the data

we are a new company with different ways of thinking about how to accomplish scientific research. Tis approach served us well, but in that time the market has grown in terms of expectations and we have as well. Whereas now people are tasking this

undertaking of ‘going digital’ very seriously. Tey want to know where the data is going to be stored and under what conditions so it’s not just a focus on functionality and being cutting-edge, it is more along the lines of ‘is this a sustainable way of managing my data – does the company behind this have the experience and knowledge?

Is their soſtware sophisticated enough and secure enough to be up to the task? In the beginning, we were focused on feature

development but now we are focused on usability, security, the safety of the data – so we thought it was appropriate to update the look and feel of our brand to reflect the maturity of the product and the overall market.

What does this mean for your customers? We see gradual shiſts in the questions that we are being asked and the demands that we have from our customers. It is a natural way of going from something that is very good for early adopters to something that is suitable for the commodity market. Two to three years ago the aim of our

customers was to try something new. Tey did not mind implementing something and then moving away from this aſter a couple of months. Tey knew that they were going into this process experimentally. It is not a 180-degree change but gradually we see this shiſt in the market to the point that now it is about moving to a digital platform. We want to go digital because we see the benefits from all other parts of our lives but we are not sure how to start this, we want to do a lot of research beforehand and then make a


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