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and vital elements of a corporate IT landscape, the true challenge is in ensuring that their implementation is performed quickly and at the lowest possible cost (in terms of internal and external resources), without sacrificing the overall success of the solution. Te workshop will discuss strategies for meeting this challenge, and provide practical tips and advice.

Over the past five years the Lonza Bioscience MODA platform has become the standard for paperless QC microbiology for a number of global pharmaceutical and other regulated manufacturing organisations. At the Paperless Lab Academy, Robert Lutskus – global product delivery manager for MODA – will host a one hour workshop to discuss data integrity and how to meet these requirements with a paperless solution. Kurt In Albon, associate director global

information quality at Lonza will also be presenting on data integrity and integrating it into the CSV life cycle. Tis presentation will touch briefly on the basics of data integrity, and then go on to address the topics of applying risk management and integrating it into the CSV life cycle.

As part of the organisation committee of the PLA, and on the basis of multiple requests from last year’s edition, NL42 will run a complementary pre-congress workshop. Tis event is free of charge, limited to customers registered to PLA and will be offered in Spanish language. Te main objective of this workshop is to

introduce the key concepts covered during the congress. Te workshop will cover the whole transformation process to paperless and discuss relevant items like data integration, data integrity and information technology strategies. NL42, based in Madrid and Milan, has

been created by professionals with decades of experience in the R&D & QC laboratories combined with sound technical knowledge and expertise on the technologies and methodologies available today.

Osthus will present an hour-long workshop, 'Implementing your Lab Informatics Strategy' in which they will give practical guidance on how to take your strategy to the operational level. A successful lab informatics strategy allows you to respond quickly to the current R&D trends like virtualisation of research, holistic lab solutions and the shorter cycle times. Questions like how to deal with big

data, how to handle your raw data, how to manage your master data and how to retrieve and analyse your data are at the basis of such a strategy. Implementation involves handling many different vendor soſtware tools, thus requiring a high level of technical integration and data standardisation to ensure interoperability.

PerkinElmer delivers a comprehensive suite of scientific informatics and soſtware solutions from instrument generated data, to enterprise solutions to mobile applications. Tis provides scientists with the necessary tools to aggregate, search, mine, analyse and visualise critical data to help turn data into actionable insights in an automated, predictive and scalable way. At the Paperless Lab Academy, the company

will be showcasing its collaboration platform, consisting of the industry-leading E-Notebook, the new cloud-based solution Elements and combining that with a data analytics platform with TIBCO Spotfire. In the workshop the firm will be presenting

its vision of the collaborative platform as a solution to manage the challenges in distributed research, and will discuss what it believes will drive the next phase of scientific discovery.

The SmartLab Exchange event will be held at the Dolce hotel in Munich, Germany, on 9 and 10 February

IDBS is showcasing the latest enhancements to its flagship E-WorkBook 10 platform. The single solution delivers a flexible suite of applications for data and sample management, analysis, reporting and IP retention. It is a proven, multidisciplinary platform for producing significant data insights and improving internal and external collaboration. Offering process improvements across the organisation, E-WorkBook 10 boosts productivity, enabling users to bring products to market more quickly. IDBS experts will also be on hand to demonstrate the new E-WorkBook Connect module, a secure portal enabling R&D organisations to collaborate with external partners. The cloud-

Osthus is a leading consultant and software company specialising in lab informatics and data science for research and development centric industries like pharma and life science.

Equipped with a unique portfolio

based tool provides a safe space for users to coordinate project activities, handle complex assay data and documents, and discuss or review content, as they manage multiple collaborative relationships with partners.

The tool feeds data from

third-parties back into internal corporate systems, without granting access to private corporate content, to ensure security and efficiency in transferring research data.


of partners and interdisciplinary experts, Osthus provides global leaders with comprehensive solutions to optimise their processes from research to manufacturing. Through close cooperation with its customers, it accelerates the process of turning innovations into marketable products, combining human and system strengths. With the intelligent use of IT, the firm overcomes current limitations in existing environments and helps its customers to achieve higher added value and long-term success.

Osthus VP for data science

Dr. Eric Little will be present at SmartLab, where he will discuss how to create Smart Data for Smart Labs. The presentation will focus on semantic technologies for improved integration and sharing of laboratory data. Eric will demonstrate cases of semantic technologies and analytics providing business value to customers.

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