Microwave and Radar Under Test

Test and Measurement specialist Rohde & Schwarz gears up for providing test equipment for 5G New Radio and new automotive active safety applications.

the Aerospace and Defence industries, radar and 5G. According to R&S, speed and high performance are not mutually exclusive when it comes to component testing and in this respect, the company’s vector network analysers are setting new standards for antenna array measurements with the R&S ZNBT multiport network analyser and for precise characterisation of satellite converters with the R&S ZVA. Among the new products on show at the event was the FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyser with its new look and feel with its updated exterior and new user interface concept as well as an SCPI recorder for simple programming of remotely controlled test sequences. All R&S FSW models with a maximum input frequency up to 26.5 GHz are available with 2 GHz internal analysis bandwidth. They also offer 800 MHz bandwidth for realtime analysis. With its high sensitivity at input frequencies up to 90 GHz (R&S FSW-B90G option), the R&S FSW85 is unique and suitable for analysis of radar signals as well as automobile applications.


AUTOMOTIVE RADAR TESTING With the advent of advanced driver assistance systems

t last month’s European Microwave Week (EuMW) event in Madrid, Rohde & Schwarz was demonstrating its latest line-up of test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave component testing as well as for applications in

❱ ❱ The PWC200 Plane Wave Converter from Rohde & Schwarz

provides a capability of characterising the antennas in 5G MIMO base stations

(ADAS), radar sensors are playing an increasingly important role in vehicles. Rohde & Schwarz is therefore supplying innovative test systems specifically for automotive radar. These include a new, unique system for simple, user-friendly execution of the mandatory tests of automotive radar sensors defined in the radio equipment directive (RED). The new R&S AREG100A automotive radar echo generator, the R&S ATS1500A shielded chamber and the R&S SMBV100B vector signal generator or the R&S SMB100B analogue signal generator together form the ideal method for testing the ability of radar sensors to withstand interference signals.


Keeping pace with developments in the Internet of Things as well as future mobile communications and low latency vehicle systems, Rohde & Schwarz is now offering test systems for the new 5G standard – for example, for generating and analysing 5G NR signals in line with the latest 3GPP specifications. The R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyser can now analyse 5G NR uplink signals for developing 5G mobile devices and components such as power amplifiers, as well as downlink signals for tests on 5G base stations. The R&S SMW200A RF vector signal generator provides the necessary signals for uplink and downlink receiver tests. Both instruments can also be used for characterising high-performance and efficient Doherty amplifiers. The R&S SMW200A generates highly synchronised signals in its two paths, while the R&S FSW provides suitable analysis functions for further refinement of the properties of Doherty and other amplifiers. Another potentially major advance in the 5G arena is the

patented R&S PWC200 plane wave converter. This is the first instrument that makes it possible to precisely measure an antenna’s far-field characteristics at close range in the near-field region. This makes the R&S PWC200 ideal for characterising 5G MIMO base stations.

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