Test platform provides full system for verifying automotive 10BASE-T1S Ethernet compliance.


he flexibility of Automotive Ethernet makes the simple twisted-pair network technology ideal for an ever-increasing range of in-vehicle networks. The new IEEE 10BASE-T1S standard expands

the range of applications supported by Automotive Ethernet to include integrating simple devices into the network. With the first compliance test system available for testing device-compliance to 10BASE- T1S, Rohde & Schwarz is consolidating its position as a major supplier of test and measurement systems for automotive Ethernet standards.

SIMPLIFIED AUTOMATED TESTING Rohde & Schwarz explains that this is the first 10BASE-T1S compliance test available, which will provide fully automated testing conforming to the current version of IEEE 802.3cg 10BASE-T1S interfaces. The testing can be carried out on the company’s R&S RTO and R&S RTP oscilloscopes. Both the oscilloscopes and the R&S ZND network analyser are automatically configured and, as also for other Ethernet standards, the new R&S RTO-K89 and R&S RTP-K89 compliance test software for 10BASE-T1S includes pictorial instructions to guide users through the measurements step by step. The test results are documented in a pdf-format

test report. The complete compliance test system also includes a test fixture, simplifying connecting the 10BASE-T1S interface to the test setup. Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos, Automotive Market Segment, Automotive Ethernet and infotainment systems at Rohde & Schwarz explained that the user is guided through a pictorial guide to setting up the test with a test wizard. I asked him what sort of guidance it supplies. “The wizard checks that the user has the correct

setup before executing the test case. This means making all physical connections to the oscilloscope correctly but also acquiring the right waveform signals from the DUT (Device Under Test) before the test starts,” he explains. The DUT needs to be put through its full range of

functions with the outputs fed to the oscilloscope so that the signal can be seen as being compliant to the standard, as Dimitrakopoulos explains. “The DUTs go into certain test modes that are specified by the OPEN Alliance and IEEE,” he explains.

INDUSTRY APPLICATION With increasingly complex products becoming available in the automotive market, there are a

❱ ❱ Compliance test system is able to verify automotive Ethernet bus devices against the new IEEE 10BASE-T1S standard

number of protocols in use within the industry. I asked Dimitrakopoulos what kind of devices on the vehicle use 10BASE-T1S and therefore fall within the test scope of the product. “These are typically any kind of device that requires

low data rates, such as engine control units as well as speakers, ultrasonic sensors, front, side and rear radar sensors, etc,” he tells me. It is likely that the test equipment will be used throughout the industry supply chain as well as being adopted by test houses servicing the automotive industry. According to Dimitrakopoulos, the OEMs are typically passing the test requirements to their suppliers (Tier1) and they do the same to their suppliers (Tier2). “We have also seen cases where OEMs do tests by themselves in Verification and Validation groups,” he adds.

TEST OPTION FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY With the addition of this new device compliance test system, Rohde & Schwarz will be able to supply a complete portfolio for testing all available Automotive Ethernet standards (10BASE-T1S, 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1) and for all other standard automotive buses (LIN, CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay and CXPI). The R&S RTO and R&S RTP oscilloscopes offer comprehensive compact test instrumentation for ECU development testing for all automotive bus interfaces and internal interfaces such as PCIe or DDR. In addition, Rohde & Schwarz is continuing to

actively participate in the OPEN Alliance, using its expertise to help drive the development of complete and reliable test systems.

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