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The source guide for engineers, scientists and technicians 2 & 3 Confocal Sensor

Wind Sensors Protect Construction Equipment

Selection A guide to the use and selection of confocal displacement sensors as an alternative to laser triangulation.

5 Three Pillars of Success Bosch explains how people, machines and data are the three critical factors in successful Industry 4.0 implementations.

6 Stone crushers under

stress Robust data acquisition enables highly stressed stone crusher components to be monitored and analysed.

9 Sniffing out process

problems Continuous gas monitoring provides reliable process control with low false alarm rates.

10 Modular DAQ, Modular data acquisition system provides users with the entire measuring chain from one single source.

13 High Current Fluxgate Sensors Fluxgate technology enables the measurement of DC, AC and pulsed electrical currents up to 1000A.

14 Technology events Important dates for your diary.

16 CAN bus data

acquisition An automotive CAN bus monitoring module has been added to portable data acquisition and recording instrument.

19 Pulling it all together Performing data acquisition from multiple sensors across different platforms in the challenging automotive industry.

20 In-process gas chromatography Gas chromatograph instrument provides IoT connectivity to process industries while managing process parameters.

23 Company Guide A five-page guide to DAQ, Sensors & Instrumentation related suppliers.

28 Let it flow Thermal mass flow meters are being used for measuring synthesis gas produced from the gasification of fossil fuels.

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A combination of wind speed sensors and telemetry is enabling the construction industry to remotely monitor the conditions its equipment is exposed to.


he construction industry is naturally prone to being exposed to the elements and the associated risks. For construction

managers sat in the safe haven of a ground level site office, it can be easy to feel remote from the cabin of a tower crane but as weather conditions change, it can be important to modify operations accordingly. Telemetry specialist company,

Mantracourt, is now providing the construction industry with a means of remotely monitoring wind speeds using wireless wind speed displays and pre-calibrated transmitter modules for use with tower, mobile and crawler cranes. Already accustomed to providing

❱ ❱ Wind speed sensors and telemetry equipment are helping provide safe crane operation in the construction industry

telematic wind speed measurements in the leisure industry at ski resorts and even for the management of fountains, Mantracourt believes the construction industry will gain significant benefits from the wireless wind speed transmitter module, which provides high accuracy measurement for offering a quick and effective means of monitoring wind speeds in a variety of lifting and handling applications. Bearing in mind the need for low maintenance equipment in the

industry, the RED compliant telemetry system can run for more than a year between battery changes, according to Mantracourt’s Kelly Voysey. “We’ve worked hard to develop a system that runs uninterrupted and reliably for as long as possible,” she says. The wind speed sensor is designed for mounting on moving booms, with a pivot design to ensure the sensor always remains upright. It uses a low power mode between transmissions to maximise battery life in the field, whilst offering a wireless coverage range of up to 800 metres. The display module is externally powered and comes complete with 3m cable and ball jointed cab mount/ wall mount. Its 3-cup rotor anemometer provides measurements in m/s and mph and the data transmitted can be received by multiple displays.

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