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2 & 3 Test System

Pumps Up The Volume New vibration and acoustic testing methods help the space industry meet regulatory standards within commercial budgets.

5 Geared Up For

Endurance Heavy duty steering components undergo simultaneous dynamic submersion, salt exposure and low temperature testing.

6 Test Chamber Keeps

It Real For RDE Climatic and hypobaric test chamber brings global environmental realities into the lab for testing automotive emissions.

9 Caged Vibrations Brass bearing cage design provides reliability under high shock and vibration loads for railway applications.

10 Technology events Important dates for your diary.

12 Monitor in

Miniature Small vibration sensor provides non-intrusive data acquisition for machine monitoring applications.

15, 16 & 18 Company Guide A guide to Climatic and Vibration Testing related suppliers.

20 Seismic Testing For

Nuclear Power Large vibration table facility provides seismic test capabilities for French nuclear energy refurbishment programme.

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Climatic & Vibration Testing 2018 Vol 1 No. 2 /// 1 The source guide for engineers, scientists and technicians

Chamber designs meet increasing complexity

complex, there’s a corresponding move towards a new breed of chambers that have enhanced functions and more flexibility. These are being increasingly offered in a wider choice of sizes. At one end of the spectrum are the


larger drive-in chambers that are catering for specific needs such as the new climatic and altitude requirements for RDE testing in the automotive industry. However, there’s also a fast pace of development in smaller, floor standing industrial and laboratory chambers. In this respect, suppliers are offering a wider range of products, such as the new range of floor standing Temperature and Climatic Test Chambers that are being offered by Weiss Technik. The chambers contain a patented climate and temperature conditioning system, which the company believes sets higher standards with regards to ease of operation and performance. They also meet F-gas regulations through the use of more environmentally friendly refrigerant. The chambers are available in five capacities ranging from 190 to 1540 litres and two different temperature ranges. Further options are available to enhance performance and meet specific customer requirements. The chambers provide reliable test values at high ambient

temperatures with outstanding spatial temperature distribution through aerodynamic air flow. High air circulation rates provide uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the test space. They also comply with the very latest test standards by means of increased humidification output. Most models feature an easily accessible water tank and supply connections. Such chambers can typically be found being used in Automotive,

Electronic and Energy component applications where manufacturers and suppliers are facing a growing challenge to improve their product quality. Increased customer demands, higher system complexity, more stringent international laws and harsh environmental conditions are all driving the development of new and innovative products as well as the need for further chamber flexibility and capacity to assure such products.

Jonathan Newell, Editor

❱ ❱ The need for reliable, high performance climatic testing across many industries is driving the development of a new breed of climatic test chambers

s the requirements for climatic testing become more stringent and demanding, and devices under test become more

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