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2 & 3 Bridge Inspection Reaches

New Heights The use of drones for infrastructure defect detection is complementing more traditional methods of road bridge monitoring.

5 Bridging Virtual Models

to Physical Systems Silverstone event examines how modern design and production aids can shrink lead times in critical industries without stepping out of regulatory boundaries.

6 Sensor Fusion

Enhances ADAS New approaches to combining automotive sensor inputs bring active safety systems closer to autonomous control.

9 Sensor Arrays Keep The

Energy Flowing More sensors are being used to monitor a greater number of parameters to prevent expensive bearing failure in wind turbines.

10 EIS at Silverstone The details for this important date for your diary.

12 Sensor Integration in

Building Management A Sensor Development Kit has been released to enable HVAC suppliers to include volatile organic compounds in air quality monitoring.

15 Company Guide A three-page guide to DAQ, Sensors & Instrumentation related suppliers.

20 Ultrasound Monitors Flow

Without Immersion Simple ultrasonic measuring device can be clamped to pipework to provide accurate measurement of fluid flow.

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VA-12 Vibration Analyzer

The source guide for engineers, scientists and technicians

Instrumentation Evolution

Electronic test instrumentation is evolving rapidly to keep pace with the demanding requirements of the aerospace and defence industry.


he Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, the imminence of 5G communications and Hardware-in- the-Loop (HIL) simulation are the dominant reasons why industry watchers are predicting rapid changes in electronic test equipment for aerospace and defence.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s industry analysts, the global market

for electronic test equipment will grow from its current $3.25bn value to almost $4.2bn by 2024, a growth of almost 30% within just 5 years.

AEROSPACE AND DEFENCE A major chunk of this growth is expected to come from the aerospace and defence industries, where a focus on keeping pace with modern manufacturing methods and streamlining prototyping and development processes places more emphasis on the need for verification and validation testing at every stage.

TECHNOLOGY TRENDS Frost & Sullivan’s market report identifies three main trends that will drive changes in the electronics test market including: The IIoT: With the advent of IIoT, portable testers need to offer benchtop-level accuracy and compatibility with wireless network connections. Advances in chip technologies will enable vendors to deliver testers with superior RF performance and longer battery life. 5G and millimeter-wave (mmWave): The 5G evolution will present vendors with opportunities to develop devices with faster communication and better network connectivity. Also, the demand for mmWave frequencies and higher modulation bandwidths will encourage them to provide cost-effective testing in mmWave frequencies. HIL testing: With HIL simulation testing, engineers can cost-effectively test aircraft components such as electronic control units (ECUs). As aerospace & Defence HIL systems have different needs than traditional automotive HILs, they need to be more reliable, highly scalable and tightly synchronised with a large number of sensors and actuators. According to Sambaran Das, Senior Research Analyst at Frost, adaptability to evolving technologies, ability to address greater bandwidths and providing software-defined instrumentation are the most important requirements for the aerospace and defence industry. “Mega Trends such as Industry 4.0 or the IIoT and evolving business models will change the market dynamics and test equipment being offered by the main test and measuring equipment suppliers,” Das concludes.

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