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Fast-track your career into the healthcare profession… work as a phlebotomist!

An increasing demand for skilled healthcare professionals has led to a shortage of allied healthcare workers, especially phlebotomists - the skilled healthcare professionals who take your blood. Demand is at an all-time high with hospitals, clinics and GP Surgeries offering a golden opportunity for that “longed for” career change! If you have good people skills and manual dexterity, and like the idea of working in a busy healthcare environment, a phlebotomist job may be just the job for you!

explains Amy, Geopace office manager. “We’ve had hello THIS IS YOUR PROOF

Many people enter this profession when they are looking for a career change or a fresh start and they oſten have no previous qualifications or experience in healthcare. Phlebotomists can work part time (usually mornings) but also may choose to work full time as well as weekends, holidays and bank work. Blood samples are usually collected before mid-day and then analysed in your local hospital’s Path Lab in the aſternoon. “We train people from all walks of life and all ages”

school leavers, shop assistants, receptionists, beauticians and dental nurses, as well as telesales staff, unemployed and the retired who are looking for a challenge. We also have referrals from JobCentres (DWP), who can sometimes pay for your course in full if you are eligible” says Amy. Once you are on the healthcare career ladder there are oſten opportunities to progress into other areas, such as working in the hospital path lab or other departments. Promotion is much easier once you are “on the ladder” and have some experience behind you. Many Geopace students are now working as phlebotomists throughout the UK and a few have even chosen to work abroad where there is oſten a similar shortage and growing demand for this specialised skill. An interesting booklet featuring student’s “Success Stories” is written by the student’s themselves and looks at how they have made the move from wide and varied backgrounds to find themselves now working as phlebotomists. A copy can be downloaded from the Geopace website’s testimonials page. If you like the idea of a challenging career in healthcare and particularly in phlebotomy then this may be the perfect move for you! Te comprehensive training course last a full two days and culminates in the award of a nationally recognised and accredited certificate. “We practice taking blood from artificial arms”, says Lauren “and everyone on our course has a lot of fun! We get a great deal of satisfaction later on when we hear from our students that they are working for their local GP surgery or in their local hospital.” Courses are running in Swansea and Cardiff on 17th-

Healthy Ear Drum

Micro-Suction and Ear Health Check Day


Call today as there are limited spaces

Friday 6th September Normal cost £45

104 Gower Street, Sketty, SA2 9BZ 01792 204886

Come and have a FREE ear health check to determine if wax is the problem. We will use a fibre optic camera to view and assess the condition of the ear canal and ear drum. If we find that the ears are blocked with wax, microsuction is the safest way to remove it.

18th & 19th-20th October. If you would like to know more about phlebotomy as a career or to book a place on the course visit Geopace Training’s website at

4K LED TV £1999

Panasonic 75”

5 year guarantee Go to Budds Showroom at Birchgrove, Cardiff

Viney Hearing Care ...introducing Micro-Suction The safest way to clean your ears. Viney Hearing Care is now the first hearing centre to offer Micro-Suction, the SAFEST way to remove wax. No more ear syringing necessary, there is no longer any need to pump water into the ear to remove wax. It is performed under direct vision using a microscope using gentle suction and instruments to clean the ears. The ear canal is narrow and curved and can become blocked with: wax, skin, debris from infection and foreign objects. This can cause your hearing to become dull and the quickest relief is microsuction. If you are having problems and dull hearing, itchy ears, blocked feeling, it could be wax blocking your ear canals.

FREE hearing tests & advice with the latest diagnostic equipment


demontrations of the newest hearing aid technology

FREE lifetime aftercare service

Micro-Suction wax removal. The safest way to remove wax

Service, repair and calibration of ANY hearing aid

Video Otoscopy - fibre optic camera to show the

condition of the ear

Speech Analysis - testing how well your hearing aids allow you to hear speech

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