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Mellor & Mottram install modern condensing twin boilers with

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formation tel: 01782 274537 ergency mobile contact: 07836 622439

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more information tel: 01782 274537 Our emergency mobile contact: 07836 622439

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rmation tel: 01782 274537 ncy mobile contact: 07836 622439

Enquiry Service: 8 e: Britannia Business Park, North Road, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2PZ e: ess Park, North Road, Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2PZ

balanced flues. The gas fired option modulates as the systems come up to temperature with the fan on the boiler slowing giving a significant saving in fuel consumption. Simple boiler installations, oil or gas fired, are usually adequate

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Mellor & Mottram specialise in the design and installation of School heating systems: boilers, warm air, heating controls with fuel and energy efficiency. Mellor & Mottram also offer a maintenance service for existing systems.

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SOURCING a good quality heating system can be daunting. But, of course, it does not end there. Energy sourcing is at the forefront of everybody’s budget and an energy efficient system is of prime importance. A heating system already installed can be maintained to a very high standard with proper care and attention with regular safety checks and upgrades, as required. Compliance with regulations is another aspect to consider.

Specialist’s in the Design & Installation of School Heating Systems

to cope, especially with oil installations as these are still predominately large cast iron units.

Warm Air

Mellor & Mottram supply and fit warm air heating indirect or direct fired units. The direct fired installations are normally only carried out if an existing unit needs to be replaced usually altering

the Design & Installation of School Heating Systems

Specialist’s in the Design & Installation of School Heating Systems

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the ducting to suit the new unit and fitted to existing grilles. They also install replacement oil fired heaters, some fitted to be used as direct fired units with typical fit of high/low firing burners to reduce oil consumption.

Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Heat pumps and air

conditioning form part of the Mellor & Mottram family of heating and energy products.

Heating Controls Manufactured in the UK Mellor & Mottram offer a range of three heating control units which offer optimum start facilities. Once installed they will learn how long it takes to heat the building enabling the unit to switch on when required. The room thermostats fitted with these controls are tamperproof. Larger installations require a larger control unit. The Plus can sequence boilers for the best savings results when a modern gas fired condensing boiler system is installed. With the onset of colder weather energy and heating become a priority. Mellor & Mottram specialise in the design and installation of school heating and Stuart Mottram CEO would be delighted to discuss any concerns you have no matter how large or small.

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