Five reasons to put new IOPSpark on your favourites list today

Manchi Chung, Project Manager for Digital Education at the Institute of Physics explains why is the new online ‘go to’ resource for anyone teaching pre-19 physics

common misconceptions students have about physics. Here you’ll discover links to research, strategies

and materials that can help you address misconceptions before they become entrenched and impact attainment.

uDiscover the best of the IOP’s education resources all in one place –

It’s a free bank of inspiration The new site is home to the UK and Ireland’s most comprehensive set of free physics education resources. It provides the perfect springboard for creative lesson planning with over 2000 diverse resources all in one place. You’ll find everything from lesson plans to

teacher notes and student worksheets. With content themed into collections which feature interlinked resources and teaching tips, it’s a great source of inspiration when you’re feeling short of it!

It saves you time Knowing how time-pressed teachers are, we’ve made the site’s wealth of resources as simple as possible to navigate.

All content is searchable by student age,

physics topic or type of resource - so whether you’re looking for a fun activity to run during a lunchtime science club or a fresh new way to teach momentum, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

You can trust the content you discover on the site All resources on the new IOPSpark site have been written by physics teaching experts with a wealth of classroom experience. They’ve also been approved by the IOP so you can trust their accuracy and quality.

It’s a valuable source of CPD support Whether you’re new to teaching physics, wanting to enhance your knowledge of a particular physics topic, or looking to develop new teaching skills, IOPSpark is the ideal place to start. The site features a wide range of articles on developing professional skills, a Physics Narratives section that introduces important physics theme and even includes a glossary of physics terms. The site also acts as a gateway to TalkPhysics –

a supportive online community of like-minded teachers. In this friendly and knowledgeable environment you can feel free to ask any questions around teaching physics as well as discuss opportunities and challenges you encounter.

It will help you see things in a new way In a first for the physics community, a dedicated area of the site helps you identify and challenge

June 2019

What teachers are saying about IOPSpark

“It’s invaluable to find all these resources under one roof. It’s going to be my starting point whenever I’m looking at a new topic.” Jemma Duncombe, Teacher of Physics at King’s College School, Wimbledon

“The design is very sleek and accessible which sets it apart. A lot of other sites can be quite clunky to use. I would definitely recommend it to my department.” Filip Preoteasa, NQT Science Teacher at Duke's Aldridge Academy

“It’s great that the very best of what the IOP has access to has been curated into easily navigable collections. It can be time consuming to look through other sites and sift through what is worth using. Here you know you’re getting quality.” Alessio Bernardelli, Professional Practice Coach at CollaboratEd 41

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