The longer retail operators wait to go digital, the greater the loss of its potential market share. Our model is designed to help facilitate and extend their business so retail customers can continue to play with their favoured brand in an online format. As a partner that helps streamline the movement of retail operators and land-based casino into the multi-channel space, there have not only been challenges, but also opportunities. The situation has led to pertinent discussions with current and potential partners about how we can help them reach their potential in a new, more innovative way.

GIO: You recently agreed a deal with Kindred to supply its flagship brand, Unibet, with your in-house games portfolio. Can you give us more information on the gaming content you produce? SB: We produce a wide range of slot and dice games that appeal to an array of international markets. For Unibet Belgium, our extensive research led us to offering a bespoke yet diverse selection of industry leading dice games and dice slots. These are unique to the market and have proven immensely popular with Belgian players. At our innovative in-house studio based in Belgium, we first trial the technology, and it’s there where we tailor our games for the market. We have a series of popular games featuring the SpinQuest mechanic, which focus on gamification and the development of an immersive narrative for players to follow. This can include collecting cards, storing power ups, boss fights and more. These features are designed to engage players and provide an experience that goes beyond just spinning reels.

GIO: What more can our industry do to provide personalised online experience? SB: GAMING1’s talented data science team has pulled out all the stops to help us deliver a customised user experience. To a certain extent, online gaming already offers a degree of personalisation, but we’d like to see the industry take this much further.

Indeed, we’re working on a casino and sportsbook recommendation engine that goes well beyond just suggesting the next game. It recommends deposit and withdrawal payment amounts based on the player’s individual betting history, alongside our groundbreaking new AI player protection tools to identify problematic behavior. Developed in-house and offering some of the best tech around, the product detects the early signs of problem gambling before providing rapid and comprehensive assistance.

GIO: In an iGaming market that is more competitive than ever, how does GAMING1 differentiate itself? SB: We explain to partners why our unique model stands out from the crowd. Having a proven track-record of consistent success is a string to our bow, as is the premium quality of our proprietary casino and betting platform.

In our industry, however, you won’t get far without a localised approach. That means being present on the ground to monitor regional content preferences and player feedback, and adjusting your product accordingly

In our industry, however, you won’t get far without a localised approach. That means being present on the ground to monitor regional content preferences and player feedback, and adjusting your product accordingly.

The language used by customers in Colombia isn’t the same as that found in Spain. The aesthetic quality of a game generally takes on a renewed importance in Scandinavia and the UK, while LatAm-based players tend to prefer higher volatility titles. Local differentiation matters, and most operators work from a central hub without paying enough attention to precise regional differences. GAMING1, on the other hand, is here to reverse that.

GIO: What more can operators do to appeal to new players? SB: Prices in the European markets are at a low point, and there is no room for further reductions. Instead, operators are trying to differentiate the quality of their product. New features such as Cash Out have elevated the customer experience from start to finish, although speed remains the most important factor. Players don’t want to take unnecessary steps that needlessly complicate the experience, so the most pertinent question is: how long does it take to login and place a bet? Operators who make things easier and quicker for the customer will always be ahead of the game.

Adapting your product to suit different internet connection speeds, as well as older versions of a particular smartphone, is also important, especially for those who want to get ahead in the growth markets. It’s all about simplifying the player experience.

GIO: What are the most interesting markets for you during the rest of this year and into 2021? SB: In terms of future market plans, we are creating a land-based network in France with our brand “Circus” and are eagerly awaiting the country’s online casino regulation. We’ve also got a wealth of other deals for Europe in pipeline that we look forward to announcing soon enough.

Looking further afield, we have our sights set on the LatAm market and are currently in discussion with an interesting group based in the United States which should lead to some very exciting news – so watch this space!


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