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How should sports-betting brands capitalize the second screen user experience?


n 2018 Google conducted a research and found that sports fans are

increasingly seeking for more content and information, than just watching a game alone. They want pre-match and live data that goes way beyond what the broadcaster offers, they want to watch entertaining clips, they want to be able to watch highlights, follow other matches simultaneously and most importantly – sport fans want to be in control*.

Sport fans want to consume sports on their own t erms, at their most conv enient time, on the screen of their choice, by their own pace and selection.

Mobile sports apps are the favorite second screen for sports fans around the world and an incremental part for

advertisers to reach their target audience. Brands that currently focus on TV campaigns must understand that advertising on second screens such as mobile devices will put themselves in front of the audience at all times and ensure that the sports fans experience a smooth sales funny from first to second screen. bwise Media is a boutique media and sales agency that helps sports-betting brands collaborate with the most relevant mobile sport apps globally. Though the agency just celebrated its two-year

anniversary, it has already created a highly valued portfolio of exclusive partnerships with some of the biggest mobile sport apps and websites.

Sebastian Paris, COO of bwise Media, says: “One of our focus markets is Latin America, where we have great relationships with the most popular sports applications and websites, especially around live scores. Brazil, the largest population in LATAM with almost 212MLN people has a 97% mobile connections penetration. That’s almost 206MLN mobile connections. Brazil also has one of the strongest mobile infrastructures in the region, making it perfectly suitable for a rich, fast and reliable second screen user experience.”

Source: marketing-strategies/video/sports-fans-

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