DUNLOP is providing decorators with a

r evolutionary range of fillers and smoothers pr oven to deliver quality time-after-time and solve the problems faced with traditional r epair pr oducts. Dunlop Pr o Décor fillers and smoothers ar e formulated with Hydr oloc technology ,

BARRETTINE’s Peelaway 1 and 7 have been billed as ‘the original’ poultice paint-r emoving system. Ar chitecturally specified Peelaway 1 was developed over 30 years ago to r emove multiple layers of old toxic lead paint fr om or nate plaster ceilings and cornices, bricks, masonry , steel, cast ir on and woodwork. It is a water-

y,, steel, cast

based alkaline formulation and will r emove up to 32 layers of paint in one application. Sizes: 5kg, 15kg. Peelaway 7 is formulated primarily for the newer/moder n water -based paints and coatings and can remove up to 20 coats of paints from

woodwork, bricks, masonry , plaster , fibre glass and metal (including automobile and air craft paints). This water -based formulation can also be used internally and externally . Sizes: 4kg, 10kg.  01179 600060

unique to Dunlop, which cuts out problems such as slow drying times, slumping or cracking. Thanks to Hydroloc technology , Dunlop Pr o Décor fillers dry evenly throughout, r egardless of thickness, within 24 hours, providing the perfect backgr ound for painting or wallpapering. 

SX Instant Paintable Caulk is a new sealant developed by SIROFLEX

Manufactured in the UK, ETREE’s Decorater’ s Jumbo Pan and Tidy is a multi-purpose product made from shock-r esistant polypropylene. It has been UV and freeze-tested with a five-year guarantee, and can be transformed fr om a dustpan and brush into a shovel with the use of a 1.2m beech or metal handle. The Rubble Shovel can be used for many applications ar ound the house and garden. It is suitable for the DIY enthusiast as well as semi-pr ofessionals and decorators. Available fr om Coleman Bros, Castle Har dware, Decco Leeds, Chain Pr oducts, JW Berisford, Decco Ireland and Home Har dware. SRP is £11.99. It is available in a dump bin on an or der of 20.  07720 872786 

r. EX which can be instantly

over-painted. SX Instant Paintable Caulk has been designed to save the user time, money and ef fort. It is easy to apply , dries quickly and can be painted over immediately with water-based and synthetic paints. It has also been designed to adher e perfectly without the use of a primer to most surfaces. Siroflex says its new pr oduct has a low odour, does not discolour paint and is not corr osive towards metals. It can also be used for the sealing and filling of gaps and cracks wher e movement occurs, such as between plasterwork and window frames, door frames, skirting boar ds, windowsills and architraves.  01226 771600

PLASTIKOTE’ s wist & STwist & Spray range is designed to transform the home in a matter of minutes and is perfect for all home décor projects. It’s a revolutionary spray paint that uses Easy-Spray Technology and features a large inch-wide finger pad, reducing the effort needed to spray by 33%. It even sprays at any angle, perfect for those hard-to-reach places and it can be re-coated at any time. The spray-through cap shields fingers for a cleaner spray experience and its twist and lock action prevents unintentional spraying Twist & Spray Colour comes in 43 colours and finishes, allowing even the novice spray painter to create wist &

Tw Te echnolo unintentional spraying. Tw Tw great-looking projects. Tw Tw

Spray comes in a 400ml can with RRP £7.49.

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ure in our product t news pages

Paint Panther from BARRETTINE has been designed to be a highly effective, incredibly fast paint and varnish stripper which will remove many types of coatings quickly and effortlessly, including metalised paint. It has a gel consistency, which is ideal for vertical and other less accessible areas that require treating. The award-winning formula has never changed and was recently voted DIY Decoratingd DIY Decorating Product of the year. Sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litres and 4 litres. Great retail prices are available, says Barrettine.  01179 600060

cluding metalised

ETREE pr esents the Wash ‘A ‘Way . Manufactured in the UK, the product is an eco-friendly method of cleaning paintbrushes and rollers. It eliminates messy paintbrushes, r ollers and sinks. Designed to be unique, revolutionary and cost- ef fective, the tool also saves time, money and frustration. Its properties for extracting water and paint from paintbrushes and r ollers enables quick and easy changing between colours, all that is r equir ed is running water and the Wash ‘A ‘W ay. It

Av ilable fr om Coleman Br os, Castle Har dware, Decco Leeds, Chain Pr oducts, JW Berisford, Decco Ireland and Home Har dware.  07720 872786 

cleans all kinds of paint and is made fr om tough polypr opylene with a five year guarantee. SRP £5.99, opening or der of two fr ee with every countertop, which holds 24. Ava


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