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Film & Foil

Raising the print finishing game with foiling T

reat it with care, give it its own space and treat it as a design in its own right: This is the advice from the foiling

departments at Celloglas. Celloglas has been foil-blocking print for over 50 years and it is well known for its expertise. Celloglas’ defined division, Cellofoil, provides

printers and brands with classic metallic coloured foils like gold, silver and copper or bright metallic colour shades, usually using them to highlight a product as premium or

category-leading. Technologies can range from simple and elegant to more elaborate designs, which may combine foil colours or incorporate a fluted or raised effect. Foiling is often used for magazine publishing, packaging, book covers, invites, business cards or stationery. Metallic foils are used to highlight areas of a design, but foil blocking can also be used effectively without print and can create elegant typography or vector shape designs. There are a variety of creative foiling options available. If a subtle look is needed, pigment foils can be used to create a matte, rich and deep colour, rather than a shiny metallic look. Popular pigment foil shades are black and white, which look very effective against a bright colour or when applied to uncoated card or metallic materials. Opaque foils can also offer an advantage over printing when working with stocks that have a deep colour. If something more eye-

catching is required, a fluted foil can offer a foil effect with a

foils are becoming more and more popular. They are often used with premium brands to demonstrate the unique identity of a product. Furthermore, they have the added benefits of deterring theft and counterfeiting. Anything from text to bespoke holograms can be achieved with security labelling. A final foiling method is a graining process

that is used to apply a texture across a sheet of flat paper. The texture can be applied across a sheet size up to B1. The patterns available with Cellofoil are snakeskin, linen, leather effect, microdots and a symmetrical lined pattern. Other patterns are available on request and it is possible to create a bespoke pattern on any substrate as long as it is suitable for the engraving process. Engraving can be applied overall or selectively, depending on a customer’s requirements. This process is often used to create decorative packaging materials or to add an extra dimension to a magazine or brochure cover — and it’s a fun one to explore! 

texture inside the foil, in one pass. This can give the foil added structure, creating a raised pattern within the foil, either with rounded edges or straight edges. Additionally, according to Celloglas, security

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