First Mats Tackle Oil Spill With New Product Range

F IBASE Unveils EC-7100

Embedded System with NVIDIA MXM Graphics Card


BASE Technology, a manufacturer of application specific embedded computer platforms, has unveiled the EC-7100.

Built with the high-performance NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card equipped with 2560 CUDA cores, 8GB GDDR5X memory and up to 9 TFLOPS capability, the EC-7100 platform combines the computing power of the NVIDIA’s MXM GPU hardware accelerator and the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processor family to leverage streaming data for artificial intelligence-driven applications in the transportation, automation and retail industries. Measuring 340 x 170 x 79mm and suited to most indoor

installations, the standard model comes installed with an Intel® Core™ i7-7700 3.0GHz processor, 16GB DDR4 system memory that is expandable to 32GB, and one 128GB SATA- III SSD storage and a spare connector for a second drive. Four DisplayPort 1.4 interfaces are available, together with expansion provided by M.2 sockets, a full-size mPCIe and a SIM card slot. Also supported are Ubuntu and Windows 10 operating systems, as well as a maximum of three Gigabit Ethernet ports.

IBASE Technology  01438 846 090  

First Mats  0121 702 1659 

irst Mats are excited to launch a new range of quality Spill Control products, which are now available to

order from their website. With the firm already established as one of the UK’s leading floor matting suppliers, they are now expanding their range to incorporate new industrial safety products which includes a selection of Spill Control solutions. Amongst the new range are Spill Kits, which contain

an array of fast acting absorbent materials to quickly respond to any accidents involving Oils, Chemicals and other industrial fluids. For minor spills, these absorbent materials can also be purchased as Pads, Rolls or Socks which are cost effective and fast acting products. As with all products in the First Mats range, the Spill

Control solutions are offered with free mainland UK delivery and in most cases, will arrive in just 2 to 3 days.

FMT-200J Compact controller gives multi analogue /

digital IO and Comms ports in a single package


The FMT-200J provides 200k bytes user RAM, 32 digital inputs and 24 solid state 500mA PNP Outputs, 8 off 12

bit analogue inputs and 4off 12 bit analogue outputs Four communication ports RS 485 and RS232, a 2 line by 16 character LCD display, four function keys, and a socket for an external FLASH memory card are also provided.

The compact unit is 353 mm wide x 166 mm high x 40

mm deep and all I/O and power connections are by 2 part connectors.

The FMT-200J is part of the Colter UK manufactured

FMT range and is programmed using the FLEX PC programming software which is provided free of charge.

COLTER GROUP  01371-876887 

From simple to complex New sensors and switches portfolio for food, beverage and automation W

ith the launch of its new low cost high specification VEGABAR pressure

switch/sensor and VEGAPOINT level switches, it enables VEGA to help customers in even more areas in the food and beverage production processes. This brand new compact instrument series is perfectly tailored to the standard applications that still require high quality and strict hygiene.

The new level and pressure devices have a

universal adapter system of process fittings that provide the flexibility needed to keep installation and spares inventory costs low. A unique ultra-bright, eye-catching, 360° illuminated status display ring ensures visibility, safety and process reliability. Its status colours can be custom-selected easily seen from any direction – even in bright daylight. Some of the new pressure switch/sensors feature displays and keypads with dual easy-read text and VDMA menu, ensuring the right set up every time and easy understanding of pressure measurement or switch status.

Another prominent feature of the instruments is their

communication capabilities. They feature Bluetooth wireless, which offers another option for safe remote and easy set up or function check of devices without the need for a PC, cables or connectors. Just download the free, simple (and award-winning) VEGATOOLS App. Also available is the IO-Link protocol, this ensures compatibility, intelligent data transfer and simple, fast system integration.

VEGA  01444 870055  

34 February 2020 | Automation

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