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TouchPath launches ‘touch facility evacution and verification’ system


nternational supply chain solutions provider TouchPath ( is launching ‘Touch Facility

Evacuation and Verification’, a system that uses Active RFID (radio frequency identification) badge-and-reader technology to record and track personnel entering, leaving and using warehouse and logistics, manufacturing or other supply chain facilities. In an emergency the system ensures that all badged employees, contractors and visitors are identified immediately. The same system can be integrated with other applications to reduce the loss of tools, equipment and other physical assets, and to monitor employee time and attendance. The Active RFID badges used by the TouchPath system

can store extensive information on an individual and have a typical battery life of three years. ‘Touch Facility Evacuation and Verification’ uses RFID

antennas placed near entrances and exits and other strategic locations to track when badged personnel enter and leave a building, to identify who is present at fire muster points and to track the exact location of those who are not.

TouchPath  01422 399530 

he SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer is designed for measuring angles whilst in the presence of motions.

These motions, such as rapid movements, will result in measurement errors in MEMS type inclinometers that detect the change in the earths gravitational acceleration. The Dynamic Inclinometer combines the accelerometer data with that of a gyroscope to reduce these errors. The SST810 having a triaxial accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope can realise a combination of static measurement and dynamic measurement to provide roll and pitch angles, triaxial acceleration, triaxial angular velocity and displacement in real time. Applications include marine, transport, rail, robotics and positioning systems. KDP will be exhibiting at the Sensors & Instrumentation Show, NEC Birmingham – 25th & 26th September, please visit us on stand 94.

KDP Electronics Systems  01767 651058 

Relay Modules for easier system debug!


use failure indication makes plant maintenance quicker ensuring the customer can get, up and working again with minimum delay.

Colter Products are offering a NEW range of ‘off the Shelf’ Din rail mounting relay modules that offer fuse failure indication for each relay output.

The modules use the Bussmann mechanical fuse

failure indication on each circuit to provide an alarm signal which can be connected to a PLC which in turn can flag an alarm on a SCADA system directing maintenance to an identifiable individual relay.

The modules are particularly useful in large control

systems. 1,4,8 &16 channel relay modules are available as shown in the photograph. Relay Coil voltages are typically 24Vdc but 12 & 48Vdc are also offered.

Colter Products Ltd.  01371 876887 

IP66 cable entries for all shapes and sizes

ABB’s new Dodge® Safety Mount spherical roller bearings cut installation time by up to 75 percent

that reduces installation time by up to 75 percent compared to traditional products. Best suited for bulk material and air handling applications, the new bearing mounts by tightening fasteners instead of using a hammer and other tools. The new system also allows for simple installation and removal from the same side of the bearing, which means only one person is needed for the task. “The new mounting system replaces the blows of a hammer with the tightening of fasteners,” says Jim Madsen, Dodge Mounted Roller Bearing Product Manager, ABB. “It also makes it faster to install large bearings, but more importantly, it makes it safer for the installer.” Safety Mount bearings feature a triple-lip contact seal


and corrosion-resistant flinger sealing system which prevents contamination from entering the product during

50 July/August 2019 | Automation

BB has launched Dodge® Safety Mount spherical roller bearings with a built-in patented locking mechanism

installation and operation. A labyrinth seal option is available for high-speed and high-temperature applications. Dodge Safety Mount spherical roller bearings are

suitable for use with the ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor for mounted bearings, an easy-to-use, wireless sensor that monitors the health of bearings. Dodge Safety Mount bearings combine the advantages

of the Dodge Imperial family of bearings: factory sealed and greased, shaft ready out of the box, with no feeler gauges are required. They are offered in split cap and single piece housing options in standard SAF, metric SN, Type E, and Imperial housing dimensions in sizes 4-15/16” to 7” (115 mm to 170 mm).

ABB  01925 741517 

onnection technology expert CONTA-CLIP supplies versatile components for simple and time-saving cable management. The tool-less KDS and KES cable entry systems enable easy routing and flexible rearrangement of cables and conduits in enclosures and control cabinets, with reliable strain relief and IP66 ingress protection. To install any number of differently sized and shaped cables, enclosures no longer need to be fitted with variously sized openings, reducing the machining effort to a minimum. This enables manufacturers to supply fully sealed, preconfigured machine enclosures and control cabinets without knowing the exact final wiring requirements. One-piece KES plates with push-through membranes enable high-density routing of up to 32 unassembled cables, wires, or conduits. The multi-part KDS system features a frame that can always stay in place once it is installed – removable sealing elements in different sizes can be inserted to change the assembly as needed.


Conta Clip 

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