Using Williams’ Normal Talking Approach to Help Children Make Speech Change

Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D. Available online at

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Increase your confidence and flexibility in teaching students to modify their speech behavior! In this 153-minute video, filmed at the Stuttering Foundation’s 2014 two-day conference on working with the school-aged child, Patricia Zebrowski, Ph.D., describes how to teach children to make speech change using Dean Williams’ Normal Talking Approach as a foundation. Then, Dr. Zebrowski reviews the various speech modification strategies clinicians can use with children who stutter, including what each technique is designed to change within the speech system and how to apply the technique in therapy.

DVD No. 6325 $20 The Genius of Dean Williams

This collection covers the full range of topics on which Dean E. Williams, Ph.D., wrote in one 104-page book. Includes a DVD.

Book with DVD Set No. 0425 $10 ISBN 0-933388-56-7

2004, 2012

Stuttering: A Clinical Review of the Evidence Joseph Donaher, Ph.D.

Available online at

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In this engaging 77-minute lecture, Joseph Donaher, Ph.D., of The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provides a framework for clinicians to view childhood stuttering from an evidence-based perspective. He presents the latest research in stuttering onset and development, genetics, neurophysiology, and speech motor control. He then helps clinicians understand how to apply this information to the children on their caseloads through the use of several case examples, emphasizing the importance of viewing each child as an individual and creating a strong therapeutic alliance.

DVD No. 6330 $10

Treating the School-Age Child Who Stutters: A Guide for Clinicians Third Edition Carl Dell, Ph.D.

A must-have for working in schools! Work effectively with school-age children who stutter. Sample dialogues and helpful tools included. Peter Ramig, Ph.D. of University of Colorado calls it “ of the best dialogues for the working clinician... the best thing out there on stuttering in terms of teaching stuttering modification approach for children.”

Book No. 0014 112 pages $10 ISBN 978-0-933388-82-6

3rd Ed. 16

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