Professional journey: membership of SET allows student teachers to progress in time to QTLS status and then to Advanced Teacher Status (ATS). Our photo shows ATS holders at their graduation this summer.

CASE STUDY THE LECTURER IN TRAINING Hayley Brogden, hairdressing lecturer at Bradford college.

I am currently in the second year of my Certificate in Education and Training. I joined SET last year after my tutor recommend membership to our class. I have found SET very useful throughout my training as it

offers plenty of resources and reading. I particularly enjoy the online webinars. Being a busy mum, these enable me to complete continuing professional development (CPD) at home and at times that work around me. I also recently attended a SET local network group event at

Bradford College and found this a really useful way to connect with other further education practitioners to share our knowledge. SET has not only helped me develop as a teacher but has also been a good resource to help me meet some of the Professional Standards. I fully intend to continue using SET throughout my teaching journey.


Katya Kitchingman is a lecturer in teacher education at University Centre, Bradford College. She explains why she encourages her students to join SET.

I urge my trainee teachers to join SET in the first week of arriving on their new course (the Post-Graduate Diploma/ Certificate in Education and Training). Professional formation depends upon individual growth within

a wider, collaborative environment and my hope is that the cohorts begin to feel part of something bigger from the outset. I realise ‘it’s working’ when the trainees enthusiastically share details of SET events and webinars I haven’t yet got to in my email box, and the resources are a continual source of inspiration as they gather evidence against the Professional Standards. Our trainees spend a relatively short time with us and if there is one thing I hope they take from the course it is a devotion to reflection and continuing professional development (CPD). Teachers do not stop improving as they qualify, rather we go on to meet the Professional Standards in new ways as we develop. SET provides that opportunity.

Thanim Adil Hussain, studying for a post-graduate diploma in education and training, Bradford College.

As a new member of SET, I have seen the practicality of the SET website which also links to the ETF pages. Though my time as a PG-Dip student has been short I have

already fulfilled two of the professional standards in education and training: the fourth standard, ‘Be creative and innovative in selecting and adapting strategies to help learners to learn’ and the 15th standard, ‘Promote the benefits of technology and support learners in its use’.

As a games designer specialist, digital technology is second

nature to me. But after researching the SET and the ETF websites, I learnt of innovative ways that I can help build staff-student confidence in digital technology. For instance, I read through key points of the handbook

on developing student-staff partnerships to enhance digital capabilities, and learned some surprising things. This encourages staff to learn from students, as well as the other way around. To be able to see a broader range of information and research

is excellent. Finally, from reading the list, I have found some new resources that I will try out, such as Nearpod and Mahara, all thanks to SET.


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