ON THE MEND A speedy recovery to… …Linda Winebrenner of Fox Den Farm (Union Bridge) who is being treated for breast cancer; ...Mary Lisa Leffl er of Rolling Acres Farm (Brookeville) who broke her leg while competing in Florida; …Pat Witty who broke his leg in a motorcycle accident; ...retired farrier, former Marylander-now-Kentuckian Billy Streaker, who is recovering from abdominal surgery to remove a mass . He expects to be back in the saddle by his 81st birthday this summer.

COMINGS & GOINGS Jacqui Nigh (formerly of the Maryland Jockey Club) of Union Bridge is the new

Henry Cawrse was born on December 9 to dressage rider Corrine Foxley and her husband Jason Cawrse.

Maryland Will Miss...

...Elkridge-Harford Hunt Club member Su- san T. Powers of Monkton died on January 22 at the age of 89. Born in Massachusetts, Pow- ers graduated from Pine Manor College before attending an equestrian academy in England. When returning to the U.S., she settled in Maryland and was district commissioner for the Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club dur- ing the 1970s and early 1980s. She was also a riding instructor at the Garrison Forest School, where she completed secondary school, and also taught riding at the McDonogh School and Oldfi elds School. Powers was a member of the Maryland Pony Breeders and won several awards in pony hunters with her crossbreds. ...Veterinarian Dr. Lawrence Edwin Atkinson, formerly of Monkton, died on January 11 at the age of 90. He was a longstanding veterinarian at Maryland tracks for more than 50 years. Born in Baltimore, Dr. Atkinson grew up just a few miles from Pimlico where he learned about horses from Hall of Famer Henry Clark. Dr. Atkinson earned his veterinary medicine de- gree from the University of Pennsylvania after serving two years in the U.S. Navy and graduat- ing from Loyola College. He worked both in private practice and for the Maryland Racing Commission.

...Marion Lee Crosson Scullin of Damascus died on March 5 after a brief struggle with brain cancer. She was 74. Born March 3, 1943 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsyl-

vania, to a family of huntsmen (father, grand- father, uncles and cousins), Marion’s future could be said to have been predetermined. At

70 | THE EQUIERY | APRIL 2017 Sponsorship and Marketing Coordinator for the Great Frederick Fair.

Katrina Weinig, former owner of Stone Bridge Farm in Lexington, VA is the new General Manager for Meadowbrook Stables in Chevy Chase.

the time she was born, Marion’s father, Albert “Pud” Crosson, was the huntsman for Rose Tree Foxhunting Club, moving to Huntington Valley Hounds, then Whitelands Hunt and concluding his career with Pickering Hunt where, in 1976, he “died in the hunting fi eld of a heart attack after his hounds completed a splendid run, marking their fox to ground.” Now in the Huntsman Hall of Fame, Marion’s father was known for breeding a hard-running pack of deep-throated Penn-Marydels. Marion received an undergraduate degree from

West Chester University and a masters degree in education from Villanova University. While her husband, Roger Scullin, attended veterinary school, Marion taught high school physical edu- cation, coaching numerous school sports teams. Marion and Roger settled in Maryland in the

early 1970s, where their daughters, Carter Lee and Carrie Lee, were born. T ey established a veterinary practice together, and began hunting with the Howard County Hunt Club. Soon they were both whipping-in, and by the late 1970s, as Rog- er began his career as a Mas- ter of Fox Hounds, Marion began hers as the backbone of the hunt club as keeper of the stud book, secretary and many other hats too numerous to list, while raising a family, tak- ing care of the farm and help- ing to run the vet practice. Shortly after the club merged

to become the Howard County-Iron Bridge Hounds, Marion suff ered a life-threatening, rare and paralyzing illness known as Guillain-Barré. Making a remarkable recovery, the undaunted Marion was soon back in the saddle, whipping- in, whelping, walking and showing hounds, hosting club functions and tailgates, taking care of family and farm, and helping to develop and grow the Maryland Foxhound Club.


while, over time one could note the infl uence of Huntsman Crosson, as the HC-IB Hounds de- veloped a deep and melodic section in the choir. Although she hung up her spurs in 2009, nothing could keep Marion away from hounds and hunting, and soon she and her daughter Carter founded the Hill & Hollow Bassets, serving as Joint Masters and sharing the du- ties as huntsmen, continuing to follow on foot a new but still deep and melodic chorus. Marion’s sporting loves were

not restricted to the fi eld, as their many guests aboard their Sea Ray, Out To Pasture, can attest. And while Marion loved the Chesa- peake Bay and was a member of the Chesapeake Yacht Club, she also loved the sea, and she, Roger and the Out To Pasture roamed the ocean waters from Maine to the Bahamas. Or at least they did until their grandson, Dillon Lee, was born; for these last few years, Dillon was Marion’s light, bring- ing much joy to her and her ex- tended family.

Marion Lee Crosson Scullin

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