4-5 Marc Ostwald The Emperor’s New Clothes In my December 2019 article, I looked at some of the potential risks to financial stability, which have been all too evident for a number of years, though it remained unclear what might provide the catalyst to crystallize those risks.

6-7 Howard Jenkins All best laid plans…. The old adage that there is no such thing as a sure bet in any market has been horribly illustrated in the sugar market over the past few weeks.

8-9 Eddie Tofpik

Welcome to 2020… the Year of the Metonic PANIC! ‘…a few words on Gann, a very few…’

10-11 Mickael Soussant How Airlines Manage Oil Price Volatility; Or Not The airline industry is one of the sectors that has been hit the most with bankruptcies over the last decade. The list of airlines going bankrupt is increasing each year at the fastest rate ever.

12-13 Alan Bush Is Gold Still A Safe-Haven Asset? Some traders questioned the age-old premise that gold is a safe-haven asset when in late February, March 12 and on March 16 S&P 500 futures plunged, and unexpectedly so did gold.

14-19 Rohan Ziegelaar Introduction to Commodity Hedging Commodity derivatives are financial instruments whose value depends on the price of the commodity. By using a derivative in the “opposite direction” to the physical commodity exposure, you can offset i.e. “hedge” the change in value of one with the other.

20-21 Alberto Peixoto Sugar and the YOYO Supply and Demand. What’s next? When we look back to September 2019, ahead of the Brazilian Sugar Dinner, the Sugar supply and demand was looking towards a deficit greater than 5 mln m/t but there were lots of uncertainties regarding Thailand (lower acreage and drought) and India (lower acreage and rain) besides the EU, Pakistan, Australia, USA, Mexico etc…

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