The suggestion calls for a lead forum attended by a representative from each individual forum, with messages from each forum, which can then be cascaded down.

DCI Service added: “We would encourage the forum leads to include medium and small businesses in their footprint and take the messages and advice back with them, and in turn, they could bring feedback back to us.”

See something? Trust your instincts

While this initiative is in development, the City of London Police continues to ask that if you see suspicious activity in the City, or someone watching a building when you think they shouldn’t be, trust your instincts – don’t wait, report it immediately by calling 999.

If you currently sit on a business, security or community forum in the City and would like to express an interest in a new lead forum, please contact:

Police Sergeant Mark Haddon, City of London Police CTSA office, 020 7601 2784


Time to nominate your candidate for the 2017 City of London Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery


The latest news from CSSC


SSC has cascaded nearly 200 authority messages or held conference calls

with the Industry Sector Leaders in the last two years.

Nearly 1,200 small, medium and large companies have registered to receive CSSC messaging through the website link since it went live in March 2014.

CSSC London are shortly upgrading to a new messaging platform within 'Everbridge', and also creating a new website. CSSC Scotland and CSSC Eastern region will also be working from the new 'Everbridge Suite' messaging platform.

The CSSC London hub team has a new member: Mark Seston, a retired Derbyshire Police Sergeant who is now employed by CBRE. Mark has been seconded for half his time to assist CSSC in expanding to all the other UK regions.

Planning is underway for a joint 'Breakfast briefing' and CSSC AGM in June 2017.

The London hub team is also planning a joint tabletop exercise in conjunction with the NCTPHQ in June 2017.

warded annually to recognise individuals who, without thought to their own safety, have acted to confront danger to

another person or property and to celebrate such selflessness as an inspiration to other citizens. The winner will receive a trophy, a framed certificate and a cheque for £2,500. By order of the

Sheriffs’ the names of the Winners of the Award are permanently inscribed on both an Honours Board and in a Book of Honour which are on permanent display at the Old Bailey.

Nominations for the Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery are sought from across England and Wales and are open to any person including members of the public, and the Emergency Services and the Armed Forces. Later in the year the Sheriffs will select the Award winner and a deserving list of runners-up.

Nomination forms can be found at

Terrorism Police outline tactical options for private companies


ational Counter

Terrorism Police have launched a new set of tactical options for the private sector to help enhance security at times of raised terrorism threat levels or in response to a terrorist incident.

The National Menu of Stakeholder Tactical Options has been designed to complement the work of the police during these periods.

The menu, available to any company via the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) website, gives an overview of the UK terrorism threat level system and terrorist attack methodology. It also provides general advice on principles to apply when making decisions, assessing areas to prioritise, and considering what to include when drawing up contingency plans.

Then follows a list of tactical options companies could employ for different

© CI TY S ECURI TY MAGAZ INE – S P R ING 2017 www. c i t y s e cu r i t yma g a z i n e . c om

circumstances – including times of normality, increased threat or attack.

Superintendent Dave Roney, from the national Protect and Prepare office, says, "The document has been developed with the assistance of security experts and is presented in a short and concise format.

"The options will be kept under review by police and in the event of a significant change to the threat picture, or a major incident, they will be updated with any relevant additional information."

As part of its partnership working, NaCTSO is also reminding companies operating in tier one and two crowded places that they can receive a potential 2.5% reduction on their terrorism insurance if they can demonstrate compliance with Counter Terrorism Security Advisors’s survey guidance through use of online tools.

The initiative, which won best Innovative Product at the Commercial Insurance Awards, was developed in association with the insurance industry's Pool Re and HM Treasury.

To learn more about how National Counter Terrorism Police are working with different sectors to enhance the UK's resilience, visit the NaCTSO website and follow @TerrorismPolice.

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