After-reading activities

Use the pictures in the reader to help answer these questions:

✰ What does it mean on page 4 of the book when it says “There was a hint of cake as we went in”?

✰ List what you can see on the tables in the café.

✰ Do you think making pancakes instead of dumping the mix was a good idea?

✰ Predict what Dad might have said if he had been served the salty buns instead of the pancakes!

Try the following with your child:

✰ Use your imagination to compose the text that Mam sent to Dad. What bits might she have asked him to get?

✰ What else might Auntie Liz have on the menu? Take turns inventing new menu items for Liz’s Little Café! Your item can be sweet or savoury, hot or cold!

✰ Role-play being Auntie Liz and a customer. Get a notepad and take an order for something from the café kitchen!

✰ Ella and Evan made pancakes for Dad to try. Find a recipe in a cookbook or online, write your shopping list if you need ingredients, and spend some quality time cooking in the kitchen together.

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