autistic identity. The cover is her own artwork, “an honest expression of my own neurodivergent art… inscrutable, discomfiting, not easily interpreted”.

A distinctive début novel that follows the thought- processes and viewpoint of a young woman as she prepares for a party, and tries not to feel too overwhelmed. A candid insight into neurodiverse experience by a neurodi- verse author, this is funny, sharp and moving.

D L Williams Interdimensional Traveller Burning Eye, 14th October, £9.99, pb, 9781913958114 As a deaf, queer poet, Williams moves between the two-dimensional audiocentric world of hearing people and the multi-faceted three- dimensional world shaped by sign language—just as the poems in this book do. Featuring QR codes, images and videos of British Sign Language poems, this book spills out from the flat page gloriously.

Short Stories

Jen Campbell; Adam De Souza (illus) The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers Tames & Hudson, 7th October, £14.99, hb, 9780500652589 Campbell embraces the dark origins of fairytales and folktales in this new short story collection, which retells and reforms traditional tales to include positive representation of queer and visibly disabled characters. The perfect Gothic hit for dark nights, for older children and adults alike.

Lauren Foley Polluted Sex Influx Press, 21st April, £7.99, pb, 9781910312919 Powerful début short story collection from this prize-winning Irish/ Australian writer, explor- ing queer friendship, sexu- ality and gender through tales of womanhood and girlhood in Ireland, and questions of bodily autonomy. Foley lives with Lupus, and dictates most of her work.


Madeline Ryan A Room Called Earth Scribe, 14th April, £9.99, pb, 9781914484063

Polly Crosby The Unravelling HQ, 6th January, £14.99, hb, 9780008358457 Tartelin Brown takes a job on the remote island of Dohhalund as an assistant to reclusive lepidopterist Marianne Stourbridge, but ends up finding far more than butterflies. What are they both hiding? With a dual timeline and an eerie, atmospheric setting, this will have readers gripped.

Penny Parkes Home Simon & Schuster, 20th January, £8.99, pb, 9781471180187 Anna has lived in beautiful houses in beautiful places all over the world, but none of them are her home—she is only housesitting, playing at belonging—until she finds home is not about a house at all, but the people in it. Parkes lives with invisible disabilities which inform her writing.

Frances Quinn That Bonesetter Woman Simon & Schuster, 4th August, £14.99, hb, 9781471193446 Endurance Proudfoot stands out. She is big, strong and stubborn. She also has a talent for the family trade of boneset- ting. This is the story of how she becomes the first female bonesetter, while her sister becomes a celebrity in Georgian London. Quinn has Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, and includes disabled protagonists in her work.

Nicola Griffith Spear Tor, 19th April, £14.99, hb, 9781250819321 A girl who grows up in a cave has visions of a distant lake and rides out from safety to meet her destiny. An assured retell- ing of Arthurian legend to include disabled and queer characters, people of colour and gender non-conforming people,

too often written out of historical fiction.

These person-centred colouring books are based on the study of the ability to recall memories from early life.

Alison Stine Trashlands HarperCollins, 26th October, £20.99, hb, 9780778311270 In a drowned world in a post-climate collapse future, Coral is a “plucker”, gathering plastic to sell in Trashlands, saving to buy back her son from indentured labour in the recycling factory. This is a bleak world, but Coral makes art from it. Could there be a different way to live?

Natalie Zina Walschots Hench William Morrow, 28th October, £9.99 pb, 9780062978585 Hench turns the arche- types of supercrip and disabled villain on their heads entirely, in this clever, witty take on a superhero narrative, which explores the costs and penalties of justice through Anna’s experi- ence of acquired disability.

 dementia and alzheimers patient groups.

Themed pictures surround beautiful images of babies offering a wonderful gift and activity.

Cristina Morales; Kevin Gerry Dunn (trans) Easy Reading Vintage, 24th March, £14.99, pb, 9781787332676 Four disabled women in their thirties and forties share a subsidised flat in Barcelona. Cousins, together they fight for their right to live indepen- dent lives, for sex lives, for beauty and joy outside state control. Winner of the prestigious Herralde Prize in 2018 and Spain’s National Book Award in 2019.

Amber Crewe That Jewish Thing Hodder & Stoughton, 13th January, £8.99, pb, 9781529366921 Tamsyn’s family want to see her settled. Tamsyn is not so sure, but when she interviews a hot

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