Building Design and Operation

A BIM model for a Symphony bedroom door for the mental health sector.

states: “The Construction Products Association has worked with (specialist in specification and information solutions for construction industry professionals) NBS to encourage sector trade associations to develop BIM at a generic level for products – for example a brick, a WC, or an insulation board, so that designers have access to a range of products in BIM format.” It is then down to each individual company to specify its particular products using BIM information. The document adds: “Certainly, if the

company’s products are used in central government contracts, there will be a

A BIM model for a Symphony corridor door designed for the mental health sector. Anti-ligature door closers provide safe, controlled movement.

requirement to meet the Government’s BIM standards from 2016.”


At Safehinge, we have spent a long time understanding exactly what our customers want from BIM, and have become an early adopter. We see BIM as having the potential to enhance estimating efficiencies throughout the supply chain, and equally as a great opportunity for simplifying the specification process – resulting in fresh opportunities for suppliers to get their

The ‘Functional room’ for the P21+ Repeatable Bedrooms Initiative aimed to reduce capital spend through repeatable designs and standardised components.

products noticed in this competitive sector. As a company, Safehinge began to look at using BIM in 2013, when it was first discussed in more detail, and the Government’s intentions became clear. Since then we have spent more than £5,000 getting our first round of BIM models in place, and we will continue to invest. Working over six months with BIMstore, we have created doorset models for our fully- compliant Symphony Doorset range. A lot of this time has been spent building the intelligence into the models. This may seem like a lot of time and money, but we see this as

a sense of security

Red Alert staff attack systems have been protecting staff in the workplace from the threat of attack and abuse for more than 15 years.

The new Curo alarm transmitter gives staff the ‘sense of security’ that help can be quickly summoned, by the press of a button or the tug of a transmitter.

Response personnel are notified of a call for assistance by interfacing with radio paging equipment and indicator panels. With the technology being based on high-powered IR transmission, functionality, reliability and simplicity of use are key attributes of the Red Alert system.

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Images used courtesy of the ProCure 21+ Repeatable Rooms initiative

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