Close cooperation in China

In the last decade China became the largest shipbuilding nation in the world and cooperation with MARIN increased rapidly. This article highlights some recent projects MARIN carried out together with Chinese partners. Karola van der Meij,

Composite propeller after installation in dry-dock

Model tests in waves with a flexible ship model

China (MARIC) on the hydrodynamic design of merchant vessels.

M 16 report

Design for operation In recent years several successful container vessel designs were made with the main focus concentrating on reducing fuel consumption. Multi-objective optimisations were done for a range of draughts and speeds, to achieve the lowest fuel consumption for the operational profile (Hooijmans et al., 2014)1

. By using dedicated CFD tools, systematic hull form

ARIN has had a long cooperation with the Marine Design & Research Institute of

variations and smart algorithms, the optimal hull form can be found for each ship operator.

Another challenge given the increasing size of container vessels is the hydro- structural design of the vessel. For a 21,000 TEU container vessel, recently designed by MARIC, model tests in waves were carried out with a flexible ship model. A highly advanced, segmented ship model with a backbone was designed and manufactured in order to accurately model and measure the vertical and horizontal bending responses of the vessel (see Report magazine 124, pages 10-11).

The results of these tests help to better understand the forces acting on the hull and to optimise the structural design of future vessels.

Increasing number of passenger vessels While the orders for container vessels, tankers and bulk carriers have been slowing down due to the worldwide market situation, the passenger vessel sector is growing rapidly. China has now stepped into this market given its large shipbuilding capacity.

One of the first, large European passenger vessels to be built in China is the fast ferry

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