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ho would have thought? Just when you think the global swine industry has faced a health crisis without equal in history with African Swine Fever, at that moment a new virus pops up taking over global news headlines, but for entirely different reasons. Worldwide, humans decided it was time to come to a standstill to keep the effects of Covid-19 as small as possible. And yes, that involves cancelled pig events as well, as you can read on page 24. The indirect effects of those measures

are only bit by bit being felt. Around the world, many countries announced that restaurants and bars had to be closed, gatherings had to be cancelled and people were discouraged to get together. No doubt that will have a knock-on effect on the amount of pork consumed.

Luckily it doesn’t mean that in most parts of the world there will be empty shelves. Governments acknowledge that certain industries are too essential to allow to come to a standstill. So where a large part of the global community

stayed at home as much as possible, logged in from their own desks or entertained grounded kids – the care for pigs con- tinued, by farmers and veterinarians, by meatpackers and feed delivery companies and by breeders and consultants. You, dear reader, kept the world spinning when others had to stop. Talking about ‘essential jobs’!

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