2 Editorial: saving Books for Keeps


3 How to be an anti- racist librarian: Zoey Dixon has ways to make your library anti-racist.

4 Ten essential books for young readers chosen by Carnegie Medal winner Anthony McGowan


Books for Keeps: AN APPEAL

Books for Keeps urgently needs help to ensure its future. We are asking for your donations to enable us to develop the website and preserve the unique Books for Keeps archive.

If 100 people each contribute £100, the future of Books for Keeps will be assured.

Books for Keeps – taking children’s books seriously for 40 years

Books for Keeps ________________________________________

6 Windows into Illustration: Catherine Rayner


8 Authorgraph: Joshua Seigal interviewed by Liz Brownlee


10 Light and Shade: the books on the shortlist for the Klaus Flugge Prize appraised by Derek Brazell

is celebrating its 40th

anniversary in 2020. It was first published in March 1980 and since then has reviewed thousands of books for young readers, interviewed hundreds of authors and illustrators, and reported on children’s book issues and the interface between children and their reading.

_________________________________________ 12 Sharing tales from the 14 What more is there _________________________________________ _________________________________________

to say about Alice?: Peter Hunt reflects on writing another book about Lewis Carroll’s Alice books

16 Beyond the Secret _________________________________________

18 I Wish: Michelle Robinson chooses

18 School Book Clubs gone virtual

19 Summer with Meg: Meg Rosoff interviewed by Nicolette Jones

20 Navigating the _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Garden: What does it mean to be a writer of colour during a pandemic and a global movement protesting systemic racism?

Inner City: Kate Greenaway Medal winner Shaun Tan interviewed by Jake Hope

Our editorial policy is based on the premise that young readers deserve the very best reading material. Consequently, we believe that reviews of children’s books and issues relevant to children’s literature in general should be handled by writers with specialist knowledge,

experience and

expertise. We have built up a contributors’ list that includes some of the world’s leading scholars in the field of children’s literature.

The archive is one of the most significant children’s book resources on the World Wide Web, enormously valuable academics,

research authors, illustrators tool and for the an

students, media

amongst others and it is our intention to improve the ability to search by genre, theme and age breakdown.

Since its inception, Books for Keeps has been a

stand-alone operation financially. A grant _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Information Jungle: Susan Martineau asks how we can equip children to deal with ‘fake news’

21 Bloomsbury Readers in close-up


22 Reviewers and reviews List of reviewers Under 5s (Pre-School/Nursery/ Infant) + Ed’s Choice 5-8 (Infant/Junior) 8-10 (Junior/Middle) + Ed’s Choice


10-14 (Middle/Secondary) 14+ (Secondary/Adult) + New Talent

32 Classics in Short No. 142 Walkabout by James Vance Marshall

_________________________________________ COVER STORY

This issue’s cover illustration is from Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses written by Hollis

Kurman and illustrated by Barroux. Thanks to Otter-Barry Books for their help with this July cover.

2 Books for Keeps No.243 July 2020

from Arts Council in 2009 enabled us to create the website, which has served very well until now. The magazine moved online in 2010 and subscription fees were dropped making it free to read. Each year, it has generated between an average of £10,000 in advertising revenue to cover costs of hosting, design and contributors’ fees.

However, the website was designed on a version of Drupal that is now outdated and urgently needs a refresh. The amount of development work required to bring the exiting website up to date is not feasible. Instead we intend to create a brand new, more modern and usable website, fit for the 21st century.

The advantages of the planned new website are: • Flexible and scalable, simple to navigate • Strengthen Books for Keeps website presence • Utilise more modern functionality

Books for Keeps

July 2020 No.243 ISSN 0143-909X © Books for Keeps CIC 2016

Managing Editor: Andrea Reece Editorial advisor: Ferelith Hordon Assistant Editor: Eloise Delamere Editorial assistant: Alexia Counsell Design: Louise Millar

Editorial correspondence should be sent to Books for Keeps, 30 Winton Avenue London N11 2AT.

• Fully searchable across all news items and pages

• Fully responsive to viewing size of users’ screens

• More appealing and contemporary appearance • Simpler for editors to manage

The Books for Keeps archive, that unrivalled children’s book resource of over 13,500 articles spanning 40 years, will be converted into a fully accessible, searchable HTML site.

Books for Keeps We can commission the professional redesign of the website to cover both aesthetics and functionality for £10,000.

We can match contributions with £5,000 from the magazine’s own resources.

Benefits of a new website A revised, easier to use website will enable the magazine to become a more sustainable arts organisation in the medium to long term. It will help ensure that Books for Keeps maximises its potential in this important area of literature by reaching new readers while enhancing its offer to current readers.

It will ensure that Books for Keeps remains at the forefront of contemporary thinking about children’s literature while at the same time providing an unrivalled archival resource on children’s books.

A fully developed, modern website will generate new traffic and interest at a time when review space for children’s books is under constant threat.

Preserving the archive will help teachers, student teachers and students researching in children’s literature (those following taught MA courses and doctoral programmes) in the following ways:

Books for Keeps is the most accessible and widely

read UK children’s literature resource

and already actively encourages more people to discover and enjoy children’s books. It is successfully reaching a substantial and diverse audience. The funding we are appealing for here will enable us to broaden that reach even more.

To donate now, go to the Books for Keeps Givey page. Thank you for your support. If you have questions or suggestions, contact Managing Editor Andrea Reece,

Books for Keeps is available online at A regular BfK Newsletter can also be sent by email. To sign up for the Newsletter, go to and follow the Newsletter link. If any difficulty is experienced, email addresses can also be sent to*


Website: *Email addresses will be used by Books for Keeps only for the purpose of emailing the Newsletter and will not be disclosed to third parties.

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