IT\\\ Energy transportation group provides

customers with real-time freight visibility through Descartes MacroPoint Solution

Descartes Systems Group announced that Energy Transportation Group, an asset-based third party logistics provider (3PL) serving diverse industries across the U.S. and Canada, is using the Descartes MacroPoint™ solution to provide customers with real-time information on

the location and status of their shipments. “For Energy, it’s not enough

to move freight from point A to point B. Whether delivering for large food and beverage customers or distributing emergency supplies as part of FEMA, we strive to provide unparalleled service,” said

David Grassi, VP Operations North America at Energy Transportation


“Descartes MacroPoint helps elevate our performance. By replacing our legacy visibility solution with Descartes MacroPoint, we gained greater buy-in from our carrier community and

better system stability, which resulted in enhanced carrier compliance and more reliable freight visibility for all of our customers.” The cloud-based Descartes

MacroPoint real-time visibility solution gives logistics service providers, shippers and freight brokers, like Energy

Light Speed Logistics upgrades mixed fleet with ORBCOMM

ORBCOMM Inc., a global

provider of Internet of Things solutions, announced that Light Speed Logistics, a Canada-based


offering trucking, shipping, hauling, freight and logistics services throughout North America, has begun the retrofit of their refrigerated fleet with

ORBCOMM’s next generation, cold chain monitoring solutions in preparation for the sunsetting of 3G wireless service, which will commence at the end of 2021. Light Speed will also begin using ORBCOMM’s latest solar- powered asset management solution for their new dry van trailers.

Platform to modernize, streamline supply chain processes from

procurement to payment

E2open, a leading network- based provider of 100 percent cloud-based,


end-to-end supply chain management soſtware, today announced

that they are

working with Tesco PLC, a UK- based multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer. Tesco will replace its legacy transport management system and utilize the E2open platform for increased visibility, transport execution, invoice processes and supply collaboration. E2open’s network and

applications manage all tiers of production, inventory, logistics, global trade and channel activity from a single platform in the cloud. Tesco will leverage this networked-platform to align, collaborate with and orchestrate their large global community of suppliers and logistics partners as they serve nearly 4,000 stores around the world.

“With the complexity of

today’s supply chain there is simply no room for error,” said Michael Farlekas, president and chief executive officer at E2open. “From procurement to logistics to payment, our expansive, integrated platform will provide Tesco with the highest level of visibility into their

global supply chain,

reducing costs and improving efficiency while providing greater oversight to help avoid consumer shortages.” E2open

will help Tesco

improve efficiency through standardizing


processes across forwarders, modes and regions, resulting in better utilization, reduction in detention and demurrage fees, and improve overall stock management. E2open’s platform will also facilitate ordering and ensure that Tesco reaches a better fill rate of its shipping containers and other assets.

w Air, Ocean and Ground - Import and Export w WMS and CFS with scanning capabilities w eCommerce - Sec 321/ Type 86 / Truck eManifest w Customs filing of AES, ACE (Air & Ocean), ISF 10+2, ACAS w US Customs Brokerage System w PO Management w Accounting Module w Direct-connect with Carriers w Industry leading Customer Portal w API and EDI Messaging w Deployed Globally, Regionally and Locally w Multi Office, Multi-Currency and Multi Language Capable

Global Provider of Advanced IT Systems for Freight Forwarders, NVOCC, Brokerage and Logistic Companies

Customizable Cloud-Based TMS Platform Light Speed is upgrading

their refrigerated trailers with ORBCOMM’s advanced telematics solution to track the freight’s location and temperature, providing peace of mind that their loads are compliant and meeting customers’ standards for quality and service. By extending the lifecycle of their IoT devices and ensuring protection against network

obsolescence as a

result of the 3G sunset, Light Speed will ensure consistent and reliable communications throughout the supply chain for the long term. Trusted by the biggest names in transportation,

ORBCOMM’s cold chain solutions help Light Speed protect their customers’ cargo, reduce the risk of spoiled goods and help comply with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulations increasing operational efficiency and improving customer service. Light

Speed will begin

deploying ORBCOMM’s trailer tracking solution, which features a high-sensitivity solar panel and built-in cargo sensor, gaining complete visibility and control over their mixed fleet. ORBCOMM’s solution enables Light Speed to access live

and scheduled status

Issue 6 2021 - FBJNA

Transportation Group, real-time location, status, and estimated- time-of-arrival (ETA) of their loads. Companies can more closely monitor and evaluate the real-time movement of all of their freight via one platform and take corrective action before any potential supply chain disruptions occur. The scale of the Descartes MacroPoint carrier network makes it easier for companies to connect and track shipments. Freight brokers can also use the solution for improved carrier sourcing and capacity

updates whether their trailers are in transit or in the yard, so they always know where their trailers are located and if they are empty or loaded, improving turn times and yard management while saving their drivers time and fuel. ORBCOMM’s trailer telematics also provides Light Speed with the unique ability to see precise data to schedule trailer maintenance, inspections and time elapsed for increased asset utilization and performance. “It’s great to see long-time

customers like Light Speed Logistics continue to evolve their telematics deployments by taking advantage of ORBCOMM’s

next-gen IoT

technology to enhance their fleet operations,” said Christian Allred, ORBCOMM’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Global Sales. “With


matching, which are growing in importance given the volatility of today’s freight market. “We’re pleased to help

Energy build stronger carrier relationships and deliver a higher standard of service to its customers,” said Dan Cicerchi, Vice President and General Manager Transportation Management at Descartes. “Proven carrier compliance and a large network are essential to accurate and consistent freight tracking that makes for more productive operations and better customer service.”

ORBCOMM’s double play offering, Light Speed can stay connected to their refrigerated and dry assets, while achieving greater efficiency and better customer service.” “We’ve been an ORBCOMM

customer for over five years and have been pleased with the reliability and performance of their refrigerated solution in maintaining cargo temperature integrity during our custody and reducing our claims and insurance costs,” said Gurpreet Randhawa, Owner of Light Speed Logistics. “Now that we’re adding ORBCOMM’s trailer tracking solution to our fleet, we’ll have full visibility to all of our assets at any given time and are confident that our technology

investment will

provide reliable and secure telematics solutions for the future.” 609-454-3170 Ext. 226

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