It’s a Sin chronicles the AIDS crisis in 1981 in London with Olly

Alexander, Omari Douglas and Callum Scott Howells as a trio of 18-year-old friends who strike out on their own from their small town, just as the epidemic is rearing its ugly head. Russell T. Davies, who created the British version of Queer as Folk and Cucumber, serves as showrunner for this series based on his own experiences from the ’80s. It’s a Sin, which also stars Neil Patrick Harris and Stephen Fry, will air on HBO Max in January.

Disney+ continues its series-based-on-existing properties with

Loki, which details what happened to the Tom Hiddleston’s Marvel anti-hero after he disappeared in Avengers: Endgame. Reportedly, the TV version will finally address the character’s bisexual nature, which had been part of his story in the comics. So, look for him to have both a female and male love interest. Pick me for the latter! Incidentally, it’s hard to type and raise your hand at the same time. However, this is a case of “I’ll believe it when I see it,” as that may prove to be, ahem, a sticky wicket on the typically family friendly streaming service, which is unfair because both Winnie The Pooh and Donald Duck get airtime sans pants. Just sayin’. May 21

Another potential swings-both-ways character may come to light

on AMC’s The Walking Dead, with Daryl (Norman Reedus) being the character with the penchant for both hot dogs and tacos. February 28 Meanwhile, HBO Max’s in-development small screen effort Green

Lantern will feature a multitude of superheroes with the best bling. Included in this group effort, which is being spearheaded by out producer Greg Berlanti, will be the gay character Alan Scott. The only downswing is that it doesn’t star Ryan Reynolds reprising his role

as the titular superhero, which equates to a #missedopportunity, especially given the fact that he is delicious any way you slice it. TBD It remains to be seen when the seventh season of Grace & Frankie

will return to Netflix, as filming was temporarily halted last March, due to the pandemic, but will resume this month, according to Jane Fonda.

HBO renewed We’re Here for a second season, but no word on when that will begin shooting. And the second season of Hulu’s gay teen Love, Victor looks to return this summer.

There are several in-the-works projects, and a favorite one with TBD status, in the pipeline courtesy of Hollywood overachiever Ryan Murphy. Filming on the third season of Pose was halted, due to Miss ’Rona – no, not a new member of the House of Evangelista, but the coronavirus. Filming resumed in October last year, so here’s hoping that it will return this year.

The series co-creator Steven Canals has stated that present-day

situations will impact the show, set in the ’90s; they may forgo kissing scenes and the throngs of background revelers during the show’s ball scenes. No, that’s not code for something.

Also on Murphy’s docket are a number of looks into the nature of ce-

lebrity for Netflix. Ewan McGregor will star as famed fashion designer Halston, while Jessica Lange will portray Marlene Dietrich during her time in Las Vegas in the 1960s in an untitled project. Another unnamed docuseries will focus on Andy Warhol. And the aptly titled Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will tell the tale of the serial killer, but largely through the eyes of his victims. Say it with me … TBD



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