It is hard to avoid the conclusion that most children will have experienced some kind of disruption to their education this year. Even with online resources, it has been difficult to make the progress that would otherwise have been achieved. So we jumped at our chance to get a free assessment at Mathnasium in Wimbledon Village. We meet Mandeep Mangat, Centre Director, one bright Autumn Saturday morning.

The centre itself is bright, spacious and inviting with images and inspirational quotes on the walls.

At Mathnasium, every child receives an assessment and individualised learning plan. The focus is understanding your child before embarking on any tutoring.

An assessment may sound like a formal process but the reality is much more relaxed – a bit like a chat with Mandeep, Centre Director. Questions and answers are not rushed and there is no pressure associated with answers.

Cumulative learning Maths is cumulative, meaning that it works like a stack of building

So the assessment is tailored to the child’s age, gently probing their understanding and identifying any gaps in their knowledge. But the session doesn’t feel burdened with expectation or pressure. It is more like a chat with some gentle checking on logic and understanding. Mandeep is on hand with support and encouragement If needed, adding simple diagrams or probing with gentle questions to lead children to the answer.


blocks. You have to gain an understanding in one area before you can effectively go on to ‘build upon’ another area.

The end result is a tailored learning plan which is unique to each child. Learning takes place on a one to one basis. Using pen and paper rather than computer, and each child works at their own pace, moving on to new objectives once they are secure.

Mandeep explains that this tailored learning plan is continually checked and updated through regular assessments, and as a result topics regularly refreshed to ensure that the learning plan is appropriate for the student. Each section is tested with challenge questions to stretch each child.

Rewards and incentives Parents are kept up to date through monthly reports, and as for children, they are encouraged with regular feedback and a unique reward and incentive scheme. Completion of each page and module is recognised with stars. Maybe you think your child won’t be motivated by stars but at Mathnasium stars make prizes.

The team at Mathnasium also have one last trick up their sleeve – the magic spinning wheel which gives you extra stars every time you spin. A treat to celebrate the successes along the way.

For us it all added up to one very motivated girl! Why not pop along for your own personal assessment.

You can find Mathnasium at 14 Ridgeway in Wimbledon Village. Please check in with Mandeep in advance to book your assessment. Call on 0207 550 6100 or email on

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