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Geminor starts export of 15-year-old waste from Italy to The Netherlands


esource management company Geminor has commenced the shipment of 15-year-old Italian RDF

to The Netherlands. The very first Geminor RDF shipment between the two countries is part of a regional five million tonnes waste clean-up operation. Last week, 3,000 tonnes of Italian

Refuse-Derived Fuel was loaded in Naples and shipped to the Dutch port of Delfzijl. This is the first shipment of RDF between Italy and The Netherlands conducted by Geminor, and represents the beginning of a 30,000 tonnes waste management contract. The export of the regional waste

contributes in resolving the ongoing waste disposal challenges in the

Campania region, which has lasted since the beginning of the 2000s. In order to cope with the increasing amounts of waste, the regional administration has allocated large areas for the safe storage of the household waste. At present, approximately five million tonnes of residual waste has been treated, baled and stored in the region. This waste is now being shipped as RDF and used for energy recovery.

The most sustainable option The disposal of waste from the Naples region is one of Geminor’s Italian branch’s first major contracts. In partnership with Italian waste

disposal companies, the waste is now being processed on site and sent for proper recovery in Dutch and Scandinavian incineration plants. Instead of remaining a major storage problem, the waste will now be used to generate energy, steam and district heating, says Senior Account Manager at Geminor in Italy, Michele Benvenuti. Taking part in solving these waste

Michele Benvenuti, senior account manager at Geminor in Italy

challenges is demanding, but at the same time very rewarding. Finding efficient use for the Italian waste – which has been stored for so long – is the best outcome at this point.

Bringing this RDF to the European market is a sustainable option and

makes good sense, says Michele Benvenuti.

Elmia Wood postponed to June 2022

Elmia Wood is one of the most prominent forestry venues in the world. Due to the impact on travel and public gatherings following the Corona pandemic, Elmia AB has decided to move Elmia Wood to 2-4 June, 2022. The current situation is very

difficult to analyse. Unfortunately, we have no other option than to postpone and focus on adapting to the new, worldwide situation. Large, international trade fairs require a long time for planning and preparation, which has left us with no other option than to make the difficult decision to postpone Elmia

Elmia AB deliver tradeshows,

Wood to 2022, says Lotta Frenssen, CEO of Elmia AB. The next Elmia Wood will be held

June 2-4, 2022. The overriding theme of the trade fair will be ‘the value of the forests’.

events and experiences to visitors and exhibitors on a global basis through unique market knowledge and hands-on expertise in event management. Its operation is widely known for long-term, high level of service and personal commitment.

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