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The Fourteas Story... A Success Story!!

The Fourteas is today, probably the most popular tea room in the county - without exaggeration!

The queues outside its door at the weekends, its numerous awards, the excellent reviews it attracts and above all the very large numbers of repeat clients, strongly suggest that they must be doing something right in there. The Fourteas is very much a customer and service-orientated tea room. With a theme too. That of the Forties! The obvious pun is well intended!

chronologically. In the Forties the people were using pure ingredients and traditional, well tested recipes without too much fuss. Good quality ingredients produce great products and when that end-result is offered to the public with a huge dose of good old fashion personal service, then success should be expected! That success naturally followed and it is growing by the day, as

still is, a revered experience of a very British tradition. When scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and cucumber sandwiches become, daily, the object of desire for so many of the hotel’s noble, or not so noble but affluent clients. Little did he know then, that one day he would be offering the same food pleasures in his own tea room at, of course, a fraction of the price. The Fourteas is Zenios’ big love! Although, to some the tea room is a thing of the past, his own version is obviously popular and well received amongst all the generations. A sheer pleasure for all the senses. Good hearty food, the best tea and coffee in town, pleasant and amicable staff and a nostalgic Forties ambience which is obvious the minute somebody enters the lounge! A unique, different product with masses of a character which cannot be found in today’s modern chain cafes. The Fourteas is here to stay! Because at the Fourteas they are constantly in Celebration of Life!!

Zenios, the business owner, suggests that he wanted a theatrical theme to the Tea Room – which is situated just 100 metres from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre - and the 1940s was a time when the British people came together and made the most of what they could source locally, in terms of food. It seemed the ideal period to place the theme

The Fourteas brand is constantly enhanced with additional items and ideas.

But there is more to it, than just the 1940s theme.

Zenios is an ex Hotel-Manager, with a London Ritz work experience behind him. He will always carry with him fond memories of his days there, when Afternoon Tea at the hotel’s Palm Court was, and

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