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he Summer issue of Forest Bioenergy Review is published at a time when the public, commerce and industry is still learning to cope within the restraints imposed due to COVID-19, but it’s not all bad news! Significant figures have recently been issued showing that a

reduction in the use of fossil fuels and a corresponding rise in the amount of green energy being consumed has had a beneficial effect on pollution levels. Forecasters monitoring the biomass and waste-to-energy sectors generally

agree that green energy growth is up by nearly 10% compared to the same period in 2019 and the sector now occupies third place in all forms of renewable energy. There is also a growing impetus to make better use of waste wood by improving its integration into the mix of fuels currently employed for generating power. Forest by-products are thus becoming even more important as mills seek to enhance their green credentials. Reports on the waste-to-energy sector where wood (including pellets) is

seen as vital in the task of removing greenhouse gasses and improving the environment continue to arrive at this magazine. Suppliers of equipment utilised by the sector are also investing huge amounts of their R&D budgets to develop technology for minimising mill emissions as a means of ensuring longevity for the waste wood market. Looking ahead, there is the next E-Newsletter, which will be sent to over

19,000 individuals at the end of July – news items are required on or before 22nd July – and this will be followed by the Autumn issue of Forest Bioenergy Review to cover: Biomass raw material handling and storage; Maximising forest harvesting; Combining wood and waste for power generation; and Waste wood (supply and processing).

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Renewables increasingly beat even cheapest coal competitors on cost

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