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n today’s data-driven world, more companies across the globe are mapping data and using it to improve their performance and the services they provide. IBM, for instance, is helping the government of Sierra Leone analyze data from texts and calls to create a better picture of how Ebola is spreading in that country and where relief efforts are needed most, according to an October 2014 CNN Money report. In health care, as in most other fields, data collection is becoming increasingly

critical. In ASCs, the savviest owners and managers are using it to make decisions, negotiate with payers, form strategic partnerships and more. At the most recent ASCA Board meeting, the Board voted to look into compiling a national data base related to total joint replacements performed in ASCs. We plan to begin by asking for help from our individual members who are already collecting this information. Then we expect to conduct an analysis that will help us ■

determine if there is additional information that ASCs that perform these procedures should be collecting or additional metrics that they should examine; ■ set benchmarks regarding these procedures in ASCs; ■

continue to make our case with private payers and Medicare about the safety and efficacy of total joint procedures in ASCs; and

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help ASCs who want to provide these procedures in their negotiations with their local insurance providers. If your ASC is performing these procedures, please stay tuned for more from ASCA about this project and participate when you can. In the meantime, while we take more steps toward moving total joint replacement procedures into the ASC setting, turn to page 16 to read about a few other procedures that are moving into the ASC setting for the first time. This issue of ASC Focus magazine also features articles about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing ASCs this year on page 8, how to communicate effectively to improve the performance of your ASC on page 14, what you need to know to meet ASC-8 quality reporting requirements on page 20 and pregnancy discrimination laws on page 26. Enjoy the issue and please write us at to let us know

if you would like us to cover any other particular topics. I wish you a happy and healthy new year and your ASC a terrific year ahead.

Bill Prentice Chief Executive Officer

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