Comfort and care under Jo’s roof For three years, Uniting

Communities has offered young people a safe place to go when they have nowhere else to turn through Jo’s Therapeutic Youth Service.

Jo’s houses are a special place for young people who are under 18 and under the Guardianship of the Minister and are unable to safely live at home. There are currently two Jo’s houses, providing a safe, stable home environment, therapeutic support, and an opportunity for young people to spend time with parents and family members, where possible, to continue connection.

These houses are even more special to us because they were acquired by two generous members of the community for use by Uniting Communities. After hearing about our ambitions to provide two homes for children at risk, two local Adelaide doctors generously purchased the houses, allowing us to operate under a stable, long-term lease arrangement for the exclusive use of Jo’s. This generous act is a clear recognition of how important our service is for young people in South Australia – and an incredibly big-hearted gesture from these caring individuals in our community; people just like you.

Three young people live at each of the Jo’s houses, supported 24/7 by the team. They will stay at Jo’s until they are adults and no longer under guardianship.

“When young people come to Jo’s, we know that they’ve experienced so much in their lives already, all through no fault of their own. This makes us want to work extremely hard to ensure they are supported, loved and cared for and have every opportunity to thrive in life,” said Paula May, Service Manager, Therapeutic Youth Residential Care.

While day-to-day funding for Jo’s services is provided through the Department for Child Protection, we are always looking for new ways to enrich the lives of the young people in our care. We need to refurbish each house to be more comfortable and homely, inside and out, plus improve and refresh outdoor spaces with a basketball area, landscaping and veggie garden.

As Paula explains, “These small touches will make all the difference for the young people at Jo’s, encouraging them to relax and enjoy time at home, get involved in outdoor activities and find new ways to contribute to the household.”

“We want to help them to embrace new skills and create new memories. We know they will flourish and grow when given the kind of opportunities that all young people should have.”

If you can help refurbish Jo’s houses and help these young people work towards a brighter future, we would be so grateful for your generous support.

Paula May at one of our Jo’s homes

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