February 2020

The Hampton Roads Messenger 15

LIVE your life. LetUSfight your cancer.

National Cancer Prevention Month

Cancer has overtaken heart disease as the #1 killer in Virginia, with an even greater disparity among women and African Americans.

Be a SURVIVOR. Give US acall. Let US fight your cancer.

“I am very pleased with

my decision to have proton therapyatthe Hampton University Proton Therapy

Institute. I had no side effects during or after treatment.

Thestaff treated me with the utmost care. It wasanhonor

to be one of the first patients. I commend Hampton University President Dr.William R.

Harvey for his vision to bring this facility to Virginia.”

—Thomas Hardy

Prostate Cancer Survivor HUPTI’S Second Patient Smithfield, VA

“Live Your Life” Seminar

HUPTI To find out if Proton Therapy

is rightfor you, join us forour “Live Your Life” Seminar.

Thursday, Feb. 13 6:30 - 8 p.m.

Hampton University Proton TherapyInstitute

The LiveYour Life series educates and uplifts the Hampton Roads communityand abroad

of potential life-saving cancer treatment alternatives. Light refreshments will be provided.

Please call (757) 251-6800 to RSVP

Town Hall Meeting: “NoEquity

Without Fairness” Join Hampton University&HUPTI

forameeting to discuss cancer disparities in the African American community.

Wednesday, Feb. 26 10 -11:30 a.m. Hampton University

Proton TherapyInstitute

Emphasis on the alarming disparities in cancer deaths in the African American Communityand what is being done about it. The Commonwealth and it’s elected officials in state and local government need to help end this epidemic with additional funding to grant prospectivepatients access to proton therapycancer treatment.

Please call (757) 727-5310 for moreinformation

Ask your Oncologist about Proton Therapytoday! Proton Therapy-NoHospital Stays!

Non-invasive •Precisely targets tumor •Healthytissue spared •Reduced side effects Treatment time less than twominutes •FDA-approved•Covered by Medicare,Medicaid and mostinsurance providers

Although we have treated over 3,000 patients for Breast, Lung, Prostate, Head & Neck, Ocular,GI, Brain &Spine and Pediatric Cancers thereisstill much morework to be done.

Please join us in the fight to continue to ease human miseryand save lives. Learn more: Give us acall today.

757.251.6800 • 40 Enterprise Parkway,Hampton,VA23666

Having been used to treat cancer since 1990, proton therapy is part of the standard of care for many cancer types, is FDA-approved and covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance providers.

No case is typical and results may vary.


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