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Nassau and Exuma: This Is Not Your Mama's Bahamas

Volume 14 Number 4

January 2020

HU Alumna Stars in New TLC Series 'My Feet Are Killing Me'

Royal Blue Golf Club with Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in the background BY ANGELA JONES

If you are ever looking for a great

place to vacation during the Christmas holidays, I cannot think of a better place to go than the Bahamas. As a matter of fact, I spent this Christmas holiday in Nassau and Exuma, Bahamas. The water was turquoise, the weather was warm and the people were even warmer.

I must admit that when my

daughter said that she wanted to go to the Bahamas and see the swimming pigs, I told her, ‘as much as I love pigs, I have already been to the Bahamas and there are too many other exciting new places where I have not visited yet.’ Since she had her heart set on to

going to

the swimming pigs, and she worked hard

the Bahamas and graduate

from seeing Stanford,

recently, with a master’s degree in Computer Science focused on Artificial Intelligence, I promised her earlier in 2019 that I would take her. Of course I had to wait until the weather was just right. I thought it would be too hot in the summer and too stormy in the fall, during hurricane season. I believed the Christmas holidays would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Caribbean weather and it was. When my mother and I visited the Bahamas previously, after my graduation from college, we stayed in Freeport. This time we chose the Nassau airport to fly into because it is closer to the swimming pigs and I am glad we did.

If you have not been to the

Bahamas ever or lately, you need to go and you need to stay at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.

I almost do not want to

recommend it because it is so beautiful, so relaxing and so accommodating that it is difficult to leave and explore all of the wonderful people and places we discovered while in the Bahamas. The Grand Hyatt has 10 swimming features,

pools/water 10 restaurants and a 100,000 square foot casino in the

lobby. It is located on Cable Beach and it offers numerous shows and other entertainment options. The hotel was decorated exquisitely for the holiday season. There is a night club off the lobby and live music in the bar area. An ice skating rink with live shows is located near the convention center area outside of the hotel. Another good reason to


to the Bahamas during the Christmas season, is because of the Junkanoo Parade. The parade

is an African

celebration in honor of a man named John Canoe (Junkanoo), who upon hearing that the Germans were going to sell Fort Fredericksburg to the Dutch in

the early 18th Century,

mounted a resistance that lasted almost 20 years. Fort Fredericksburg was in present day Ghana. I do not know what it is like in other parts of the Caribbean but in Nassau, Junkanoo is celebrated on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and lasts for about 12 hours each day. Can you imagine a 12 hour parade? I went to the portion that occurred from 9 a.m. until noon. It was amazing. The dancing, the music and the costumes were all creative and breathtaking. The locals told me that I “missed the whole thing.” I replied, ‘I was there for three hours, how could I have missed the whole thing?’ They said that the best costumes are at night and they have lights. If it is so much better than what I saw, I’m glad I missed it. I do not think I could have handled that much more greatness. After celebrating Junkanoo, it was time to see the swimming pigs although the tour organizers tried to cancel at the last minute. They said there was a tropical storm brewing and the water would be too rough for the boat. Knowing how disappointed my daughter would be if she did not get to see the swimming pigs, I scoured the internet until I found a MAMA'S BAHAMAS PAGE 10



Hampton University alumna Dr. Ebonie Vincent is starring in a new TLC show entitled, “My Feet Are Killing Me.” Dr. Vincent is a highly trained foot and ankle surgeon in Orange County, Ca. The show follows Dr. Vincent and another doctor as they tackle

everything from wart

clusters and fungus, to toe amputations and foot reconstructions.

“We are incredibly proud of Dr.

Ebonie Vincent for her success in the medical field, and for being selected for this new show. Dr. Vincent displays great character and we know that she will continue to uphold THE Standard of Excellence in all that she does,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

Dr. Vincent is a graduate of Hampton University, the class of 2009. She was also a proud Lady Pirate volleyball

player for all 4 years at

Hampton. She started her professional career in Orange County, California at OC Podiatry. This is a well-known and established practice where Dr. Vincent was selected and welcomed to work with two other physicians in the cities of Orange and Irvine. Securing this position in this location was a dream come true, as she always hoped and prayed to return to Southern California to begin her career.

Hampton University will always serve as the foundation of her career path. She feels today that Hampton gave her a sense of being thankful for her ancestors, her family and the confidence that she could make her goals and dreams a reality of becoming a doctor. “It is a lonely road going through the higher education process after undergrad and so Hampton instilled in me things like family values, which really helped me in my post-grad experience,” Dr. Vincent said.

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The values and support that she was given while attending Hampton stayed with her through this journey. The confidence to not give up and work hard is what she learned and what she executed. After graduating from Hampton, with a bachelor of science degree in biology, Dr. Vincent attended Philadelphia

College of Osteopathic

Medicine (PCOPM) where she earned a STEM grant, was awarded a prestigious scholarship and a master’s degree in biomedical science.

Her higher education did not stop

there. She went on to earn her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine from Des Moines University

Medicine and

Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa. This journey to practice medicine is not complete until a three-year residency is completed, which moved Dr. Vincent to Vineland, New Jersey, where she completed her required residency at Inspira Health Network.

All of this education and training prepared her not only for a career as a podiatrist and landed her a dream job, it

further provided an opportunity beyond her imagination. She has been offered a starring role as the West Coast Podiatrist in a new TLC show, entitled “My Feet Are Killing Me.” Dr. Vincent indicates that the show is about real medical problems and the lives of people with foot pain and issues that affect their daily lives. The content of the show is not for the faint of heart. People have some very serious problems that can be helped and solved to make them live a better quality of life. She hopes overall that the concept of the show brings to light, diseases and foot problems that can be resolved for a change of life. The show will also bring a narrative of how surgeons work, how podiatrists work with teams of other medical doctors and professionals, and interact with patients and families for positive outcomes. The show will represent how surgeons care for their patients and work to make sure that listening is a value.

“My Feet Are Killing Me”

premieres January 2nd on the TLC network at 10 p.m. as a nine-part medical

transformation with two different series

featuring a variety of patients, including a romance novelist looking to get her sixth toe amputated; an athlete


feet; and even a man suffering from Proteus syndrome (the Elephant Man’s Disease). Check your local listings for the TLC channel in your area.

Dr. Vincent is compassionate

in giving Hampton credit for her success. Without this foundation, the confidence and education she received while attending, her future would not have been possible. Today, Dr. Vincent also serves as a mentor to others and looks forward to speaking to students to encourage others to become a doctor of podiatry.

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