Thank You to our 2019 Stallions

Gunnatrashya Shiners Voodo Dr In Like Flinn SG Frozen Enterprize Vista Equine Inferno 66 Not Ruf At All Shine Chic Shine Guns R For Shootin Gunner Dun It Again Hollywoodstinseltown Wimpys Littlecolonel Lil Joe Cash Dun It For Whizkey Magnum Chic Dream Shine On Line Electric Snow ARC Gunna Sparkya Electric Code Magnum With A Dream Gunners Special Nite Gunners Tinseltown Smart And Shiney ARC Gunnabeabigstar Smart Spook Walla Walla Whiz Houston Shine Whizkey N Diamonds HF Mobster Spooks Gotta Gun Pale Face Dunnit Epic Titan Chic Dreamin Platinum Vintage Smokin Custom Chrome Starlights Starbrite Gotta Twist It Up Steppin On Sparks Rooster Sparks REF Black Mamba Tinker With Guns Wimpyneedsacocktail Einsteins Revolution Ruf Lil Magnum Chics Loaded Gun Heavy Duty Chex Gunner On Ice Late Night Stopper Full Moon Fritz Walla Whiz Affair Gunna Stop A Nimble Wimp Yellow Jersey Rowdy Yankee Snipers Smokin Gun Tricked Out Spook Gunnin For Chicks Spooks Gotta Whiz

Auction Begins JANUARY 1, 2020 WIN AWARDS and INCENTIVES

The RMRHA Stallion Stakes program was established to promote the reining horse by providing incentives to stallion owners and breeders for raising, training and showing reiners. The Stallion Stakes, an NRHA Category 6 event where eligible get can compete for their own purses, is run concurrently with the annual RMRHA Summer Slide’s regular Futurity and the Columbine Classic’s Derby (Category 2).

To participate, stallion owners nominate their stallion(s) in a given year by donating a breeding to the Association. If the breeding is sold through the Stallion Stakes auction, all offspring by the stallion are eligible to compete in their futurity and derby years. In the year(s) those foals compete as three year-olds, their sires are eligible for sire awards. The sire of the champion receives a percentage of the winning purse.

Mare owners participate by encouraging stallion owners to nominate their stallions and by bidding on the breedings in the auction. The resulting foals are then eligible to enter the Stallion Stakes divisions of their futurity and derby years.

The RMRHA Stallion Stakes Auction is LIVE through January 15, 2020

ENROLLED SIRES — The offspring of the stallions whose service is listed as “SOLD” through the program are eligible to compete in the RMRHA Stallion Stakes Futurity at the Rocky Mountain Summer Slide during their 3 year-old year. They are also eligible to compete in the Stallion Stakes Derby held at the Columbine Classic.

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