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elcome to the Summer issue of Forest Bioenergy Review. Since the issue published this Spring, the vexed subject of emissions and the environment has been making headlines and here in the UK we have seen days of protests by members of the group

Extinction Rebellion bring London to a standstill, whilst points of view were aired in the strongest terms in newspapers, discussed on radio and broadcast on national TV. Although I would never object to any peaceful protest, it was ironic to see traffic brought to a standstill for hours and vehicles of all types with their engines running as their drivers moved forward a few feet at a time.

This situation prevented the normal dissipation of exhaust fumes/emissions

and compounded the effects of air pollution on those who live and work in London. I also had to laugh when an activist stated in all seriousness that air travel should be restricted to emergency use only – what government could ever agree to that?

Britain’s current Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced on 12 June that the

UK Parliament had introduced legislation that will mandate the country to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Bioenergy, together with other renewable technologies, will, I am sure, help to accomplish this desirable goal. After all, as one of the key reporters to this industry, Forest Bioenergy Review has long promoted the scope of the existing technology to achieve success, providing there is the political will to enact sensible and pragmatic legislation.

Coming up, we have the E-Newsletter at the end of July followed by our

AUTUMN print issue, which will be looking at: Biomass as a raw material and storage; Maximising forest harvesting; and Environmental protection systems.

Vince Maynard Front cover picture this month from Metsä Fibre. See page 10

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