on the user. Similarly taps, showers and WCs should also be easy to operate (e.g. non- contact), electronic controls or ones with long levers which can be operated by a fist or elbow. Adapted washrooms should economise on user effort.

Hygiene considerations

When considering design in accessible washrooms, the accessories are easily overlooked. Simple touches such as matching the finish on the taps and sanitaryware to the soap dispenser and toilet brush can improve the aesthetic

Medical access solved

Providing a clear and easy entry and exit system for the new extension at the Haden Vale Medical Practice was a priority and TORMAXwas contracted by the Cameron Butcher Group to install two automatic sliding door systems to the main entrance. Powered by TORMAX 2201 compact operator, the doors deliver reliable and seamless access for the elderly, wheelchair users, people with pushchairs as well as all other visitors to the practice. Providing three additional, much needed consultation rooms, as well as a utility area, the new single storey extension dramatically improves the services that can be offered. The Cameron Butcher Group, which specialises in healthcare refurbishment, worked closely with TORMAX to deliver a comprehensive access solution that meets the varied requirements of the patients. The TORMAX 2201 door drives offer a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to door automation that can be adapted to almost any location. It is particularly quick and easy to install whilst straightforward, 2-key programming allows practice staff to adapt opening and closing speeds to reflect the volume of foot traffic and weather conditions. Safe to touch heating

LST – low surface temperature – radiators are key where there is a need to meet NHS Guidance for ‘Safe Hot Water and surface temperature’ – in hospitals, care and nursing homes, as well as sheltered housing, schools and nurseries and in an increasing amount of general needs housing that may be used

by vulnerable people during that home’s lifetime. Stelrad has recently released two new additions to its already extensive range by adding an LST Standard Deco and LST iPlus Deco design – to make the casings for the radiators more aesthetically pleasing.

0844 543 6200 Wardray provides quality and reliability

Wardray Premise Ltd is a 4th generation, family run, British manufacturer which has been trading for more than 100 years. They are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2012, with an established reputa- tion for quality and reliability. Wardray are

based in the UK with two manufacturing facilities. The Company’s portfolio includes: Structural radiation shielding products for medical diagnostic and radiotherapy applications; Accessory products and solutions for X-ray and MRI environments; and Industrial shielding for non-destructive testing (NDT) facilities.

Hygiene in adapted washrooms is of primary importance, especially for those in constant use. Some Bioclip mixers and taps ranges have been designed with removable bodies or spouts that can be removed if bacterial contamination is suspected. They also have smooth interiors and exteriors with fewer niches where bacteria can adhere and develop. Alternatively, electronic controls have an automatic duty flush that prevents water stagnation, a key factor in Legionella development. All models will also withstand thermal or chemical shocks for preventative or curative purposes.

The straight sections of grab bars should be extruded in one piece to avoid seams where the hands have most frequent contact. Smooth, uniform surfaces such as stainless steel or high-density nylon offer excellent hygienic properties. They will both withstand intensive use and regular cleaning so the

surface remains smooth and bright, maintain- ing the attractive appearance of the washroom.

Design also plays an important role in hygiene. Complex shower seat structures have multiple niches where dirt can build up, allowing bacteria to develop. Simple, clean lines reduce such niches and facilitate clean- ing. The seat profile is equally important as water must be able to drain away to avoid pooling. Any standing water, especially soapy water, provides a slip hazard and encourages bacterial growth.

Designers of adapted washrooms in non- domestic care environments no longer need to compromise on aesthetics. It is possible to incorporate stylish designs that will withstand intensive use while upholding user safety and hygiene standards. In environ- ments subject to intensive use, attractive products and well-maintained fixtures with clean, bright surfaces are more likely to elicit respect and care from users. There is no compromise on functionality or ergonomics, ensuring safety for all users of accessible washrooms in the care sector.

Carole Armstrong is marketing manager at Delabie UK



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