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Provisional agreement on lengths and weights

Pictured: the LHR employer governors, local chair and vice-chair.

Great launch for BIFA’s Young Forwarder Network

We successfully launched our new networking group, the BIFA Young Forwarder Network (YFN), on 6 March. The event was perfectly timed to link with


A BRAND NEW eLearning course – How to complete a Customs Declaration

A new training course, How to complete a Customs Declaration, is aimed at those who want to gain a better understanding of Customs regimes and how to complete a Customs declaration. Based around 11 modules, this

purely digital course can be studied around your work commitments and in total should take around five hours to complete. You can book via the BIFA

website. The cost is £190 BIFA members and £230 non-members.


The editor draws your attention to the following correction to the article that appeared on page 8 of the February 2019 issue of BIFAlink entitled “UK launches aviation policy consultation”. We incorrectly stated that the


Modules • The Export process • The Import process and entry completion rules

• Trader, exporter and importer responsibilities

• Valuation • How to classify goods • Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs)

• Tariff measures • Prohibitions and restrictions • Reliefs • Preferences • Customs Simplified Procedures • Assessment.

consultation into the long-term future of UK aviation lasts until 11 April 2020. The consultation actually ends on 11 April 2019. If you wish to respond to the

consultation, please do so at: tions/aviation-2050-the-future-of- uk-aviation

the 12th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2019) – a full feature of this and NAW 2019 activity will appear in the next issue of BIFAlink.

of HGVs The Romanian Presidency reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament and the Commission on 12 February over amending the Directive on maximum authorised dimensions and weights of heavy goods vehicles, with the aim of allowing more energy-efficient, aerodynamic vehicles to be put on the market. The proposal was introduced as

part of the 3rd Mobility Package, which includes a series of actions to reduce CO2

emissions and

increase road transport safety in the EU. The agreement concerns the

implementation of special rules concerning improved heavy goods vehicles’ aerodynamic performance and their energy efficiency, as well as better visibility for drivers by improving the streamlining of the cab. Under the agreed changes, an

additional 80-90 cm of cab length will be permitted in return for improving the aerodynamics, vision, safety and driver comfort of the truck cab. It is necessary to ensure that

such aerodynamic cabs can be introduced without unnecessary delay, as soon as the required type- approval requirements are in place. According to the provisional

agreement, new types of vehicles could start to circulate on European roads as of 1 September 2020. The agreement will now be

Farewell to Colin Young

Best wishes to Colin Young who is retiring at the end of April. See page 3

submitted for confirmation by the council. A formal vote in both parliament and the council will follow, with the aim of concluding this dossier during the parliament’s current term. Fuller information can be found

at: content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX: 52018PC0275&from=EN

April 2019

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