Cladding creates a calming appearance T

he new state-of-the-art 65 bed Cygnet Hospital mental health facility in Maidstone has been clad in Abet

Laminati’s MEG exterior grade laminate. Purpose-built to meet the latest national specifications for improving mental health within a therapeutic environment, the hospi- tal will provide an important and much- needed service for local patients. 800 square metres of exterior grade MEG cladding in a 754 Padouk Soft finish were installed by Rhino Exteriors across various elevations. MEG was chosen as it carries a BBA Agrément Certificate and, most impor- tantly, F1 panels from 6mm and thicker are rated Class B-s1, d0. This makes them fully compliant for all non-residential applications and up to 18m high for residential schemes. This scheme is a perfect example of high performance MEG in action where the need for high performance and durability is married up with low life-cycle costs and aesthetic design. The range comprises 58 colours and 31 woodgrains together with 5 concrete and metal effect finishes. MEG is also able to

incorporate Abet’s digital printing technology. This means that almost any design, photograph or pattern can be reproduced in stunning detail to give architects and designers unparalleled freedom to create unusual and dramatic building facades. MEG is a self-supporting high pressure

laminate (HPL) for cladding the exterior of buildings, balconies and other applications. It features high resistance to temperature, climate shock, weathering, UV light and

impact. Furthermore, its chemical resistant nature and closed structure do not allow paint in spray cans, various inks, emulsion paints, lipstick or pastel paints to penetrate into the decorative layer. This negates the need for any anti-graffiti treatment and makes the surface easy to clean. Samples and technical literature are available from Abet sample line.

020 7473 6915

An artist’s vision is brought to life T

he auditorium for the Humanities Division of Uppsala University (Humanistiska Teatern) is an

innovative and unique building designed in the shape of a horseshoe. Unlike traditional lecture halls, the horseshoe-shaped design of this unique building allows all in the auditorium to see and hear each other, encouraging both speakers and attendees to participate in lectures and debates. This unusual building is encapsulated in a spectacular facade created from over 300

perforated aluminium sheets. The vision of artist Ann Lislegaard has been brought to life by using RMIG ImagePerf technology to transfer her intricate design to the metal sheets. White Arkitekter has been awarded the prestigious Swedish architectural prize PLÅT18, in recognition of the innovative use of perforated metal.

01925 839610


Humanistiska Teatern, Uppsala University

University campus auditorium, Sweden

Architects: White Arkitekter Artist: Ann Lislegaard

Technical Characteristics

Raw material: Aluminium EN AW-5754

Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 3.0 mm

Finishing operations: Bending Surface treatment: Powder coating


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