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A Flood-Proof Waterproofing Solution for Your Home

storms Desmond, Eva and Frank wreaked havoc on over 16,000 residential homes. Newton Waterproofing examines how cavity drainage systems can assist those who are recovering from, or facing the threat of flooding.


Cleanup The greatest challenges following a flood are to make damaged properties fit for

n recent years the UK’s winter storms have been a firm reminder of the threat posed by flooding. In 2015 especially,

reoccupation, and to protect them from future flooding. However, one of the biggest delays in

the cleanup is the need to allow saturated walls to dry out. This can be as slow as one month per inch of wall thickness, and cannot begin until all contaminated materials are removed and a ‘Decontaminated Building and Sanitation Certificate’ has been issued.

Recovery Speeding up this process is therefore a crucial part of any effective flood management strategy, and internal cavity drainage systems are perfect for the role. The cuspated waterproofing membranes create an air gap between the membrane and the wall, providing two major benefits: • Separating the damp wall from the internal environment, allowing new surfaces and finishes to be installed immediately

A 3D cross-section of a typical Newton CDM System

• Creating positive vapour pressure that ‘moves’ dampness out of the property. As

vapour moves from the inside to the outside in an attempt to equalise, damp in the walls is also moved outwards

Reoccupation and Remediation Cavity drainage systems maintain the structure while protecting internal environments, allowing new finishes to be applied with peace of mind, and enabling reoccupation significantly earlier than if the walls were required to dry out naturally. Finally, cavity drainage systems also

protect properties against future flooding, forming an integral part of an overall flooding solution.

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Marmox soundboard supplied

A development of 55 luxury apartments is making full use of the acoustic and other performance benefits offered by Marmox SoundBoard in completing the floor construction. Canbury Construction has been kept supplied with

thousands of square metres of both board types through one of Marmox’s many stockists in the south-east. Marmox SoundBoard, like its sister product, Multiboard, features a totally waterproof core of extruded polystyrene (XPS) sandwiched between layers of glass-fibre reinforced polymer concrete, offering both thermal insulation with a conductivity of 0.035 W/mK and high compressive strength.

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Deanestor announces record orders

Deanestor, a contract furniture and fit-out specialist, has announced a record order book and strong financial performance this year. The business has generated £20m of orders in 2018 from contractors and developers – a

record order intake in the history of the company. This is a 40 per cent increase on the same period last year and has secured projects for the business for 2019 through to 2020. Deanestor provides high quality contract furniture solutions to construction clients and contractors for healthcare, education, student accommodation, build- to-rent and laboratory projects – both new build and refurbishment.

Still at its best, Johnson & Starley Warm Air Heating

Johnson & Starley'sWarmCair condensing warm air heating range is suitable for a wide range of applications including private residential and social housing as well as smaller commercial applications such as schools, sports facilities, nursing homes and community centres. With rapid warm up times and low noise levels, models are suitable for new builds and the direct replacement of existing warm air systems. Designed for simple and quick installation, the WarmCair warm air heating system offers many space saving and room layout advantages over wet heating systems. There is a choice of upflow or downflow models available with or without hot water and incorporating a stainless steel heat exchanger and other first class component to ensure long life and low maintenance costs. Compliant with Building Regulations Part L, WarmCair heaters produce up to 36kW heat output and are up to 98 per cent thermally efficient. Savings in gas consumption can be as much as 28 per cent. An optional ‘Cleanflow’ electronic air filtration system provides the added benefit of filtered air with the ability to filter 95 per cent of airborne pollutants as small as one micron including pollen, dust and cigarette smoke.

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