December 2018 Page 8 BETT 2019: is the tide turning?

BETT is known to alternate between “hardware years” and “software years”, and, while 2019 is one those light on hardware, there is no shor- tahe of future innovations.

Sharp to launch Windows

Sharp will launch its first Win- dows Collaboration Display (WCD) – the next generation of interactive displays designed to support and improve team work. The 70” 4K interactive display for enterprise and SMB offices, which meets Microsoft WCD specifications, combines Sharp’s touch technology and sensors that can work with Mi- crosoft Azure Digital Twins to monitor collaboration spaces. The Sharp WCD features an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor unit to help monitor meeting environments. The sensors can feed data back to the Azure Digital Twins platform to help facilities managers monitor meeting occupancy, air quality levels, ambient light, tempera- ture and humidity.

Collaborative Display at ISE productive and collaborative environment. Businesses will be able to use this data to im- prove the management of heat- ing, cooling and room booking systems based on how the space is really used.

As well as the IoT solutions, the Sharp WCD has been de- signed to work with the famil- iar Microsoft tools that organ- isations will already be using across their workforce, for ex- ample, Office 365. Office 365 provides businesses with a dig- ital hub for teamwork through Microsoft Teams Birgit Jackson, Commercial Director Visual Solutions, said: “Sharp’s WCD is crucially easy to use and easy to connect to – you simply walk in, plug in and work together – but it also

The combination of kinetic LED screens and 3D robotics was de- scribed as “the perfect marriage of AV and AI (artificial intelligence) technology”.

development of autonomous transportation and connected car technologies in UAE, which form an integral part of Dubai’s Autonomous Transportation Strategy.

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 Sharp will launch its first Windows Collaboration Display (WCD) – the next generation of inter- active displays designed to support and improve team work.

These advanced features are part of Microsoft’s vision to bring the power of the intelli- gent cloud into the workplace, using a mix of AI, IoT, and pro- ductivity tools to create a more

monitors your environment and will help to make those condi- tions optimal. It’s the next evo- lution of the interactive display, the first to be smart-building ready."

The booth’s theme was fo- cussed on ‘driving the digital future to empower societies’, which was built on the tele- communications provider’s vision to facilitate futuristic solutions and services that will have a fundamental impact on customers’ lives. To demon- strate the ‘future of mobility’, four moving LED walls featur- ing 1,464 Absen D3V modules were installed around the booth centre: one 11m x 2.5m master screen at the head of the stand, two 6m x 5 m screens on the sides and one 2 m x 2 m screen

the perfect marriage of AV and AI (artificial intelligence) tech- nology, fitting seamlessly into the show surroundings and dis- playing content in a highly cre- ative and innovative way. The result was a high-impact visual performance that matched the showcase theme and vision of the Etisalat stand. Each LED module moves in- dependently, creating multiple display surfaces. LED modules are mounted individually to the robotic arms to create the de- sired movement effect. For the solution to work, the flat cables connecting the modules and power boxes had to be extend- ed behind the arms and the hub boards also had to be rede- signed to create enough space.

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ISE 2019 to showcase the finest in international AV

All the connections you need at the world’s largest systems in- tegration exhibition. The 2019 edition of Integrated Systems Europe is set to be the largest in the show’s history,

Absen LED wall features robots

Absen enables Etisalat Gitex booth features 3D robotic video walls, which added a complete- ly new dimension to the content on display. This striking display was employed to showcase Etisalat’s efforts towards the

at the back. Each module on the screen moves independent- ly, creating a multi-sensory 3D video experience for the audi- ence.

The combination of kinetic LED screens and 3D robotics is

Vestel reveals collaborative and signage solutions

In an event co-hosted with Intel, Vestel revealed new display, including a stunning new PCAP model. In a num- ber of solutions jointly devel- oped with Intel, using the lat- ter’s Unite technology which allows the user to control any display from any other con- nected display. Intel demon- strated a variety of possible use cases, including options for pairing its NUC and OPS platforms. Use of Intel’s vPro certified technologies will provide reassurance for uses tasked with mission-critical and compute-intensive appli- cations used in corporate and organisational applications. Vestel has announced cloud

nesses of every size to ensure better communication, transpar- ency and co-operation between different departments, offices and third-party partners. Supporting wireless screen sharing across a variety of dif- ferent devices and operating systems, this solution over- comes the challenge of lack of interoperability, providing a content-sharing platform that works in mixed technology en- vironments. Delivering a flexi- ble collaboration platform, right out of the box, it saves business owners the trouble and expense of having to standardize the various devices and operating systems that are so often used, even within the same company.

The direct channel to the industry

Designed with an Intel Core vPro processor-based hub, Vestel 55/65/75/84” interactive flat panel displays offer a wireless connec- tion to Intel Unite, a content sharing software

collaboration and digital sig- nage solutions for the main- stream market. Designed with an Intel Core vPro pro- cessor-based hub, Vestel 55/65/75/84” interactive flat panel displays offer a wireless connection to Intel Unite, a content sharing software that ensures flexible and fuss-free screen sharing. Requiring no additional devices, licensing or training to use, this solu- tion lowers the total cost of ownership, enabling busi-

This solution enables users to switch seamlessly from tablet to desktop mode, making it easy for collaborative work sessions to be scheduled at a moment’s notice and for presentations to be worked on in real time. To fa- cilitate wider information shar- ing, each connected display can support up to 4 shared screens, enabling users to compare re- sults and alternative ideas as well as formulate a top-level overview of what is happening across the business.


Logitech MeetUp Kit with Intel NUC

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