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Maine Coastal News Volume 31 Issue 6 June 2018 FREE Two Calvin Beal Boats, a 38 and 42, Hit the Water

MOUNT DESERT and SOUTH BRISTOL – It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the boat launchings that take place, espe- cially in the spring. The last week of April a Calvin 38, STAR, fi nished off a pleasure cruiser for a customer from Jamestown, Rhode Island hit the water. A few days later, it was off to Gamage’s Shipyard in South Bristol where Farrin’s Boat Shop was launching OCEAN VUE, a Calvin 42 fi nished out as a sportfi sherman for customer from New York. The owner of the Calvin 42 is Tom

Morse, who began looking for a new boat two and a half years ago. He said, “I've always had bridge boats and other types of boats and a friend of mine owned a lot of Downeast boats and he got me interested in a Downeast boat. I came up and looked at three diff erent types of boats and made the decision to go with Calvin Beal. I have looked at Wesmac and other ones, but I felt more comfortable and this met our needs better than any other boat. “I talked to Stewart, said Tom, “and they

had just come out with this 42 hull, and my friend had bought the fi rst one. I came up after probably a month or two after he got his, and bought my hull. He had his hull at Bruce's (Farrin’s Boat Shop) and they were just starting it. So, I came up with him to meet Bruce and the friendship started right from there. I felt like it was family. I felt very


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comfortable with Bruce and I made up my mind in 30 seconds. Tom’s friend was finishing off his

Calvin 42 as a commercial boat and Tom learned a lot of what he wanted to do when his boat got going. “This boat was never built yet as a sportfi sher, they were only built for lobster boats,” said Tom. “There was some challenges for us. In the beginning, the pic- ture that was drawn was a little diff erent then what we actually did. We raised the ceiling in this 9 inches, the fl oor had to come up 7 inches to accept the motor, but it couldn't have come out better.” OCEAN VUE is powered with a C12.9,

1,000-hp Caterpillar diesel. Tom built this boat to run off shore looking for tuna or inshore for anything that might grab a hook. He said, “We have partnered with a foundation, called Hooks for Heroes. They take out veterans, fi refi ghters, fi rst respond- ers, their families and send them all around the world to go fi shing. We have fi ve trips already planned with them on this boat. It is something that I have always wanted, to give back. Things have been good for me and I want to give back.” Tom owns Thomas Morse, Inc., which

builds homes on Long Island. He also has a restaurant called Bay Vue in Lindenhurst on Long Island. His other boat is a 35 foot cen- ter console and he said, “As the clock ticks, your body doesn't handle those things too

OCEAN VUE, a Calvin 42, which was fi nished out as a sportfi sherman for a customer from New York by Farrin’s Boat Shop in Walpole.

good anymore. My son loves it, but I don't love going 120 miles off shore in a center console and coming back not feeling too good. I have got to talk to Bruce, but we are kicking around a 34 foot Calvin Beal. A little bit diff erent than this, but we are kicking it around. We want to see how things go from here. I am pretty confi dent that it is going to happen.” Just after noon-time on 11 May they

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headed south cruising at 23 knots at 1,850 rpms and made it to Sandwich, MA where they spent the night. The next morning they crossed Buzzards Bay and made it home on Long Island. They also made a run up the bay to see just what her top end was and got 30 knots on the GPS. Bottom line, a real happy customer all around.

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