Hauraton surface drainage systems installed at Maltby Academy School, Rotherham

added in the 1960s. The school has expanded and now offers up to 1200 student places. Early in 2012 it was decided refurbish the


older building and build a new open plan business/enterprise centre and sport science block. In addition, the old gymnasium was to be converted into a performing and creative arts facility. The £10.9 million contract for the re-devel- opment of Maltby Academy was awarded to BAM Construction of Leeds, in June 2012. The site was fully operational by September 2013 with full completion shortly afterwards. With the site being quite flat, and the

old and new buildings’ surrounded by paved and asphalted surfaces, it was essential rainwater is drained effectively. Two Hauraton systems were chosen to drain surface water: RECYFIX® RECYFIX®

SLOTTED channels.

he Maltby Academy School to the East of Rotherham was established in the 1930s with additional building

other commercial and private applications. The material PA-GF, used to make the FIBRETEC®

grating, was especially devel- A Hauraton RECYFIX® system, fitted with FIBRETEC®

PRO 100 channel C250,

HEELSAFE 9mm slot gratings, was used to drain the asphalted yards and car park. Since its launched in February 2010, the

PRO and

RECYFIX PRO surface water drainage channel, featuring the innovative FIBRETEC® grating, has been specified and successfully installed in numerous United Kingdom drainage projects, including rail station platforms, public squares, shopping malls, sports-fields, tartan running tracks and many

oped by Hauraton; the tough, UV resistant, fibre reinforced moulding offers high stability and huge strength for its weight. Complying with loading category Class C250 the grating can easily take the weight of commercial delivery vehicles. The design is a real innova- tion as its non-corrosive material provides a visually appealing surface finish that retains its black colour. The FIBRETEC®

C250 HEELSAFE grating

was specifically designed by Hauraton R & D engineers to enhance the flow of water into the channel. The slots are super smooth, ellip- tical openings with the moulded bars having slightly raised triangular bosses along their outside edges. As well as providing an elegant appearance, the feature ensures surface water is directed into the slots.


Structural glass balconies add minimalist style

Neaco’s structural glass balconies are adding beautiful minimalist looks in keeping with the impressive contemporary design of Oakapple Group’s mixed-use development in the centre of Clapham. Designed by Harris Architects, the scheme comprises

10,000 sq ft of grade A commercial space and 40 luxury apartments with communal external terraces on upper floors. With a choice of glass-fronted designs, Neaco’s Clearview balcony range is renowned for its superior visual appeal and the free-standing structural glass option offers the ultimate in contemporary style with no supporting stanchions required. Garador’s Georgian garage doors Architects Datafile website

The Architects Datafile (ADF) website is an online provider of past and present products and news items for the architect or specifier. is a one-stop source for all the latest press releases providing any visitor with access to information about products and services that they may require. From the website, you can find links to digital

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Garador’s range of Georgian style up and over garage doors are some of Britain’s most popular garage doors. Constructed from high-grade galvanised steel and available in a large selection of standard and purpose-made sizes, they are excellent for almost any build.

The Georgian steel up and over door range includes Georgian, Beaumont and Cathedral designs, each with crisp and elegant panel press- ings. They can be supplied with either canopy, retractable or retractable plus gearing, the latter of which provides extra drive through width.

These impressive doors are available in a choice of 17 colours in long lasting vibrant paints. To find out more about Garador’s Georgian Steel Up and Over garage door, call or visit the webite.

01935 443700 15

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