The River Seine is one of the defining features of Paris

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cruise operators benefi t from its unique position to offer customers a different view of the City of Light. See the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre-Dame like you’ve never seen them before on a sightseeing tour, embark on a sparkling croisière au champagne or soak up the twinkling views on a romantic night-time voyage.

Along the greener portions of its body, the Seine is a scenic bypass through some of the country’s most iconic areas. It’ll take you to leafy Giverny (Monet’s hometown), the postcard-worthy vision of Les Andelys, right through Rouen and past the Somme battlefi elds, before rounding off in the pretty port town of Honfl eur, Calvados. For its geographical and historical signifi cance, not to mention its outstanding beauty, the Seine is another of the nation’s proud UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Rhône, meanwhile, fi ngers its way through southeastern France, past such cultural hotspots as Lyon, Vienne and Avignon, not to mention the famed nougat-producing epicentre of Montélimar. It’s closely interwoven with its little sister the Saône, which branches off at Lyon and acts as a gateway to the gorgeous scenery of Burgundy and Beaujolais – expect tasting cruises galore if you choose to venture into this winemaking province! Of course, if it’s châteaux that capture your imagination, look no further than the Loire. The eponymous river meanders through the dreamy, castle- dotted Loire Valley, and château- to-château tours are rife. +1 281 269 2600

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