Appointments & News Cistermiser-Keraflo appoints building products specialist to drive its marketing

Cistermiser-Keraflo, a leading intelligent washroom controls and water efficiency specialist, has appointed Mark Schlotel as Marketing Manager. Mark has 34 years’ experience, directing strategic B2B and B2C communications for a range of businesses operating predominantly in building products and associated technologies. Having worked for UK industrial groups such as Norcros, Novar (now Honeywell) and IMI plc, Mark is adept at delivering successful launches for new products. Employing a mix of traditional and digital marketing techniques, he has devised and driven integrated campaigns for a well-known shower manufacturer, for differing window system companies and for a global beverage dispense and cooling equipment supplier. He has also overseen the market positioning of a major fire detection and alarm business, which led to an expansive multi-branded role marketing a highly diverse ‘intelligent building systems’ group. He said: “I just love getting to know technical products in detail, to fully understand their engineering advantages; I’m passion- ate about it. Then working out the best ways to gain as much visibility as possible across target market sectors”.

0118 969 1611

Framework Directive for energy-related products

In October 2009, the European Commission published a framework Directive for energy-related products, thereby extending the scope of application to products that use, generate, transfer and measure energy. The energy-related products directive has already been implemented for washing machines, TVs, kettles, gas boilers and a number of other products and the new regulations will be applying to warm air heaters from January 2018. To enable the heaters to be placed on the market they must be fully compliant with the regulation. Appliances in the supply chain after the implementation date, can still be sold but they must be covered by an order, written or verbal. Orders would need placing for the non-condensing ranges of warm air heaters, the Hi-Spec and Economaire, by the end of December 2017 to comply with the new regulation. Providing these orders are in place, Johnson & Starley are able to sell these two models of heaters up until 26th


2018. The company is so confident in its products that it is extending the guarantee period for the Economaire and Hi-Spec heaters from 1 to 3 years.

01604 762881


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