Designer Contracts has launched new furniture and lighting packs, enhancing its current offering. The furniture packs are available in three options; ‘Choice’, ‘Ideal’ and ‘Supreme’ and tailored to suit individual budgets. There’s also a children’s furniture package, which features a selection of fun

designs. Lighting packages include energy efficient and low energy LED ceiling fittings with matching table and floor options. Packages are available in three styles; ’Select’, which represents excellent value for money, the prestigious ‘Supreme’ offers a more luxurious selection of fittings, while ‘Glow’ is a colourful range – great for a children’s bedroom.

01246 854577 Helifix launches new enhanced website

Masonry repair specialist, Helifix, has launched its new website, offering enhanced navigation, functionality and content. The site contains over 100 Repair Details that cover most common masonry faults, such as crack stitching, reconnecting separated walls and creating load bearing

masonry beams. In addition, there are an ever-growing number of case studies on all types of structures including listed buildings, converted properties and bridges. The redesigned site provides optimised viewing on any device, whether you are in the office on a desktop, at home on a tablet or on site on your smartphone. YBS new Specification Manager

Innovative insulation manufacturer appoints new Specification Sales Manager to national role. Such is the growth in demand for its multi-layer insulation products that YBS has taken the step of creating a new position within the company, by appointing a Specification Sales Manager to influence and support key decision makers across the industry. Carefully selected for the role, Paul Horton

will have responsibility for working with a wide range of professionals, right across the country, assisting them in understanding the unique performance benefits and potential of the diverse YBS product range, suitable for the majority of new-build and refurbishment projects.

01909 721662 Information at your fingertips with H+H App

H+H has made accessing its brochures even easier with the launch of its new, interactive and informative Brochure App, available now for download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app currently holds the H+H Designing and

Building with Aircrete brochure with the company looking to add further brochures to the app’s library in the coming months. With access to the app, customers can select and download complete brochures right to their phones, making viewing them quick and easy while on site or on the road. The Designing and Building with Aircrete brochure has been designed to help architects and specifiers to achieve the most efficient designs using H+H products. Search “Aircrete” on the app stores.

01732 886333 Hospitality budget into charitable change

Consort Ltd is making a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged people in and around its home town of Nottingham by reassigning money previously budgeted for corporate hospitality. The fabricator, which has long manufactured PVC-U window systems

from on of the UK’s leading supplier VEKA Group has supported charities such as Emmanuel House – a centre for homeless people – and Fists up for Frankie; a campaign that funds treatment for neuroblastoma (an aggressive form of childhood cancer). Every year, Consort allocates a sizeable donation to worthy causes. This money would previously have been earmarked for corporate gifts and entertainment.

01282 716611 Wetroom Drain has sunk to New Depths

CCL Wetrooms, a leading wetroom specialist, have launched their shallowest ever waterless trap – the NEW Lo-Seal Trap – at a cutting edge depth of only 55mm. Developed specifically for use in wetroom

construction projects with screed depths of below 60mm, the new trap allows wetroom drainage to be installed where standard depth drains cannot be accommodated. Whilst the current trap provides a shallow drain height of 67mm, the NEW 55mm Lo-Seal Trap offers all of the same benefits but with the added advantage of a new slimline trap for installation into shallow screed depths of less than 60mm.

0844 327 6002 Studor stokes up interest in Tec-Vent

Studor, a world leader in drainage ventilation and only specialist manufacturer of Air Admittance Valves (AAVs), has updated the Tec-Vent fire retardant AAV. The original version, launched in 2003, was the first of its kind in the world. Manufactured from flame retardant material, the Tec-Vent is specifically designed for buildings such as schools, airports, hospitals, high-rise structures and other public areas, as well as in oil and gas, aviation and other industrial settings where flame retardance is a priority. The Tec-Vent can also be used domestically where fire retardance is important for residents’ safety. The Tec-Vent is UL Classified in the United States and has active approvals worldwide. It is sold across Europe, Asia and Australia, with installations including Doha International Airport and the Denver Convention Centre. Protecting the trap seals in the drainage system, the Tec-Vent allows fresh air to enter and ensures that the pressure within the drainage system is properly balanced. When the flow stops the Tec-Vent closes by gravity and prevents any foul air and dangerous gases escaping and entering habitable space. Studor has more than one million products installed each year across six continents, and its worldwide distribution network extends to more than 50 countries. WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

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